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  1. medo


    brings back memories..lol.. and i forgot about this place, plus a lay-off, new job..been busy..
  2. medo


    Hiyas, man, I cant believe ive been a member here for a decade already, nor can i believe that its been 4 long years since ive logged in!
  3. hiya! i dont lurk here to much, couple times a year. I have two kids, both girls, 10, and 15. the 15 year old has it, but not bad, the 10 yr doesnt at all and is unaffected, H However, my youngest Brother, who doesnt have this in the slightest has 3 kids and all 3 have the trait..he used to pick on me a lot because of it, and look how Karma comes back to bite you.. This genome is a real beotch lol.. Good luck!
  4. I just seen this article, this guy must not have known how many of us there really are? or was he a member here? http://vitals.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/07/09/12644071-unbearable-blushing-parents-speak-out-about-sons-suicide?lite
  5. Im just not ballsy enough to go under the knife like that..guess im just yella..but i just cant do it..
  6. medo


    Has anyone who's a rosie, and tends to be mostly red, and gets much darker when working diligently and hard, tried botox? Was just wondering if it would keep me from looking that much worse than the dark red I am already. I get wound up at work sometimes and turn even darker red than normal, promtping people to constantly ask me if Im feeling ok, because "you're so dark red today"
  7. medo

    Had enough

    Sorry for being a douche with this thread. :oops: I've hit a pretty low point the last few weeks, and last week was exceptionally bad. Suffice to say, glad i didn't do anything stupid, although it was touch and go there for a bit. I'm at the end of my rope, i look in the mirror every morning and I hate what I see. I'm stuck in the rut from it.
  8. medo

    Had enough

    Pretty much sums it up. Fed up, sick to death, throw in the towel? Pick your euphemism... 40 years old, fighting this shite for 25 years... Good luck too you all. Medo.
  9. They call Drs offices' a "practice" for a reason....
  10. Whilst my issues encompass a wider range of symptoms(permanent redness as well as flush/blush/swelling) I have made some leaps forward in as much as I have adopted the mind set of "DILLIGAF"(Do I Look Like I Give A F*&K!!??) I focus on "I don't give a F&*K about any ones opinion" and it has worked to some extent, its not a cure but it has provided some relief. I have been forcing myself to go to parties and clubs and mixing with females and other guys(I'm happily married for nearly 20 years BTW) and I have come to the conclusion after having women literally throw themselves on me, that my strategy is indeed working... Get hostile with your self if you need to, get mad, get damn mad..focus..... It works, i swear..just don't let the "anger" at your inner self bleed through to the outside. Is it unhealthy? Maybe in a clinical sense, but good God and Christ all mighty, I swear it works.Last weekend I went to a pair of parties, and got boxxed, and then proceeded to get invited to a party this weekend AND pig roast at another guys place the following weekend..WOOT!!! HOT DAMN, Im sick of being in my own prison.
  11. Oooo, a banana will bring on a nasty flush for me...no clue why...
  12. medo


    I have it from a good source, that melatonin can cause some pretty extreme "side effects" such as instant, painful "wood" or, none at all.. He told me for a few weeks it was instant, then, he couldn't at all till it cleared his system... be careful broski..
  13. I have iodized salt all the time and have noticed not one iota of a difference like you have experienced. I'll try this out, just to see what the skinny is.. But, flushing is different than blushing, walking down the street and meeting shop keepers and strange people then turning red, to me, is blushing, not flushing. if I was too stand out in the wind, or eat a big spicy meal, that would be flushing...
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