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  1. Hi all, Sorry I realised that I put "I will be at picadilly at 7pm " as if it was already settled ... i meant to say that , that was fine :-) so whats the plan?
  2. ok cool, I will be at piccadilly at 7pm on sat 2nd of may.Is there just one exit?I cant remember.
  3. I could do saturday the 2nd of may.Would be nice to see u all again and to meet the others.pp xx
  4. Well , I find if I suck on ice chips or cubes I don't get flushed and i'm much less prone to blushing...only while its in my mouth though,its only a temporary solution!It tricks your bodies thermostat.Its just its not that practical ...but if i order a coke or something I ask for ice always.Even just a cool drink helps.It also numbs your cheeks.Think about what it does to a bruise.So try it!Also they give ice chips to women in labour By the way I read the ice cube tip in a medical book.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm so glad that I came yesterday, it was so great to meet you all.Just a shame there were no other girls! See some of you at sash I hope . pp x
  6. prettypink

    Meeting London

    ok im making my way there now.
  7. prettypink

    Meeting London

    ok sorry , I didnt check the topic section until today and the 14th came so quick.Did you meet today? I was down that way too........
  8. prettypink

    Meeting London

    Hi all, Sat March 14th fine for me.I can do lunch or evening. Maybe we should book a table in the crypt (st.martin in the fields) ,then we can allocate a name to it.Just please dont let me be there all on my own..... :oops: x
  9. prettypink

    Meeting London

    Hi all, so when is this meet going ahead?Just keeping up the pressure! I am back from hol on the 12th march and the only dates I definitely can t do at the mo are 18th, 25th and 28th of March. pp x
  10. prettypink

    Meeting London

    Hi Yes Mid March would be great.Keep me posted. pp
  11. prettypink

    Meeting London

    yes im sorry ... i did nt come to the xmas meet either, i had to work. But i really want to come along this time and fingers crossed i wont have to work.I m free lance so i can t afford to turn work down if it comes up .When do you want to meet? pp x
  12. Hi , I dont think its that....I think the sympathetic nerve in your neck that controls blood flow to the face is over active, thats why some people have it snipped....which is dangerous... I do have bad circulation though and if you sleep with your arms over your head you will get dead arms .I always used to sleep that way even if i tried not to and i got dead arms.It s because the blood supply cant flow properly. love pp x x
  13. Hi peppermint yes please keep it the 20th.I have penciled it in on my calendar.Do you mean crypt under st.martin in the fields? and what time do you think everyone would like to meet? I know it can get busy in there around lunch so maybe we could meet a bit later in the afternoon?
  14. Hi iam away from 23rd and may not be back until the 28th Dec but it could be as late as the 4th Jan.The 20th would be perfect x pp
  15. I believe that psychic abilities exist because I my self have experienced them.My belief is that there may be a scientific explanation behind it though.....I think that science and spirituality are more closely linked than people realise. I have had various episodes where I have seen something in my minds eye before it happens .I also used to keep a dream diary and began to notice that some of them actually happened a few days / weeks after and often silly obscure things... .They are rare occurances for me but i am sure there are people out there who have it stronger.I have never had control over it and you can t choose what you see.When I was 14 I saw the amsterdam plane crash into a building in my minds eye .I was at home doing school work I had this feeling a plane was going to crash into my house and then I was in the hallway when I saw a plane in my minds eys crash into a building......and it happened.I don t know though if i saw it as it was happening .I f i saw it before it is mind boggling .....but I dont think we really understand the time and space thing......destiny etc....my grandma also spoke to me in a dream and said goodbye and 2 hours later my uncle rang to say that she had died.....she also was holding a red folder which she gave to me and in the dream i thought at the time it was a bible but then my mum found a red folder with £1000 inside hidden in her wardrope.....so i think it was meant for me but it went on her funeral....anyway i do think the real ones tend not to make money from it.....so be careful redchest and dont give her your name as she can research you on the internet and amaze you wit x xh her "powers"
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