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  1. What dosage did you take?
  2. Yeah, I do live in the US and surprisingly, the same thing happened with my dermatologist...he didn't even know what robinul was. But yeah, I just went to my normal doctor and he prescribed the glyco. Did it take about a week of taking the glyco for you to see any effect? I'm on my second day now and I've seen a small reduction in sweating but nothing too drastic. I took a 2mg pill once in the morning to last me through the day.
  3. Hey guys...I'm currently on glycopyrrolate 2mg, the generic brand for robinul and avert. Today was my first day and I was told by my doctor to start the dosage very small...half tablet (1mg) up to three times a day. I took the first 1mg as soon as I woke up and ate breakfast an hour later. Went to school and I noticed I was sweating as usual so I took another 1mg about an hour and a half after I ate breakfast but still no effect. I felt minor dry mouth but that was it. I didn't take any more after that. Is this the type of pill that I need to take for about a week to begin to feel its effect? I was kinda under the impression that you can take this at any time and it will dry up the sweating (i.e. for business meetings). I suffer from HH mostly on the hands and feet and to a lighter extent, my armpits. I think I will start off by taking one 2mg as soon as I wake up tomorrow and see how that lasts me throughout the day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm a 15 year old with hand and feet hyperhidrosis and I will be getting my permit soon and was wondering does your HH really affect your driving? I haven't heard of a problem with this yet but for me, it's a huge fear of constantly sweating while on the wheel with having to constantly dry myself off or maybe even slip off the handle which can all result in a uncomfortable and possibly dangerous drive.
  5. hello, after doing alot of research about the idromed 4 and the MD1-A Fischer model ive decided i want the idromed 4. i was wondering if theres any sort of insurance claim or something maybe an american website that has info about the idromed 4 that i can show to my doctor to call my insurance company about to see if it is covered? i found one for the MD1-A but i cant seem to find one for the idromed 4. also i noticed while using the drionic which was not effective for me, that it caused the skin on the lower left of my right palm to break so it had a pretty big and noticeable hole which was embarrassing. since i stopped using it, the skin has just about repaired. will i see this same thing happen with the idromed 4? is this a normal thing ?
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