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  1. Hey Jin, if I ever want advice from a lunatic, I'll contact you, okay? In the meantime, let me post whatever questions I want, and I'll continue to ignore your posts at the other board (like everyone else does). Deal?
  2. If you are our harbinger of information, the anti-ETS movement is surely in trouble. Are the emails you send to doctors as incoherent as your posts?
  3. What sort of reconstruction? Like a nerve graft reversal?
  4. Only 14-28 more days of nausea? Wonderful. Then I suppose when I stop the med in the fall and start up again next spring, I'll have to do it all over again? Damn. Well, thanks for your help. Anyone out there have their side effects go away any sooner?
  5. A few days ago I started on Ditropan, taking 15-20 mgs per day. It's helping with the sweating but I'm having a hard time with the side effects. I'm nauseous, tired, having headaches, and very dry mouth. Can someone tell me if these effects will diminish over time? Thanks
  6. Good luck, man. You have the best weapon for dealing with your problems -- a positive attitude. It makes all the difference.
  7. That's what I suspected. Thank for the help, Poison. I'm gonna try regular Ditropan and see how it goes. Can anyone give some advice on how much to take?
  8. Also, I just found out that I've been taking Ditropan XL instead of regular Ditropan. Does anyone know if one is more effective than the other?
  9. Right now I'm taking 10 mg three times a day. It isn't helping for my CS. How much do you take, and how does it help?
  10. I'm looking to move from the Midwest U.S. to a cooler, more humid climate because my CS is so bad. I'm considering San Fran or Seattle. Anyone who's had ETS live there? How hot does it get in these cities? What's the weather like most days? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, they can be split. I split a 15 mg and take half in the morning, half in the early evening. Then I take a 30 mg before I go to bed. I noticed a decrease in flushing the same day. Keep in mind, you WILL be drowsy when you first take it. It took me about three days to stop being so tired. It might affect you differently, of course.
  12. You make a good point, VickyGirl, but I've tried a other antihistamines (in large doses) and they didn't work nearly as well as Remeron. Perhaps the antidepressant in conjuction with the antihistamine is the key?
  13. The antidepressant properties should be considered carefully, but I'm touting this drug mainly for its antihistamine effect on flushing. The antidepressant part is just an added bonus.
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