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  1. hey buttercup i and many others know how u feel, in fact just the other day i was told that im focusing too much on my condition and not living my my life. This is true but as you said its hard to forget about it when it affects every part of our lives. This may sound like hippy talk but sometimes its good to channel those negative feelings and self worth into positives which could be used to help you cope better with your condition - like trying out as many different HH methods and seeing which makes a difference to your life. (I strongly recommend you read as much as you can on here and ask just as many questions to try and help make your life easier) Its good to be negative sometimes and let off your frustration and i have done it many times (thats why ive replied) As for being a freak this whole site is full of them :twisted: ( me included) so remember that your not alone 8)
  2. thanks dave ive tried sage in the form of tea but i havent tried the pill version and chinese herbs to help balance my ying - yang (rip off) to no avail. there are oly a few things that i havent tried yet and im hoping one or a combination of them will help me to control this horrible condition.
  3. Ive been using this med for about approx 6 months now im not sure about it now. It did have quite an affect on me at first then i doubled my dosage (to 2mg twice/thrice a day as required) as it wasnt working as well, now currently suffering from a very bad case of a dry parched throat and mouth, dry irratated eyes and sometimes having a muddled/unclear head even though i take water with me everywhere and im drinking water like a fish the side effects are getting less tolerable and my palmar hh not reducing. im hoping there are no withdrawl symptoms as i have just stopped taking them for a while
  4. 6 and 8mg :shock: i think that is a bit too much im no doc/consultant but i think that amount may be doing more harm to you than good
  5. from what ive been reading i do have quite a few of the symptoms, the thing is im sure ive been tested before. Ive heard that in order to obtain accurate results you need to abstain from food for a while which i wasnt advised to do the first time round :? this is bugging me so im gonna self test myself and check out thte results just wondering if there are any HH sufferers out there with diabetes? or suffers who have been misdiangnosed as having HH when in fact they have diabetes and vice versa. thanks
  6. hey guys darknight is right I actually spoke to one of the team members about the condition a few months ago and they seem to have a lot of knowledge about it. They were very friendly and were willing to listen to me ranting on about HH. It still not 100% the documentary will be made but i hope it will be. I just want to say to anyone thinking of contacting the team (by either method) please do, let them know how you cope and what your life is like with this condition as the more info they have the better informed the public will be if theis project goes ahead.
  7. Caffeine, nicotine and alcohol the worst culprits of immediative reactive HH especially in my experience, try to stop altogether, abstinence is the best remedy and may have an effect/help improve your condition
  8. Robinul has been the most effective thing ive taken so far, it hasnt cured me but its helping slightly. I was worried it wasnt working for me at first either. I went back to my doctor who doubled my dosage. I didnt even bother take my new dose for a while before giving it another go. Some one gave me the advice to take it before you go to bed and then again during the day and its been having a slight effect on my problems which im happy with. You havent mentioned how severe or not your symptoms are but i would say give this method a go for a little while see how u get on good luck
  9. Jimmys right we all make the mistake of oiling these solutions on but they dont work like that at all. Less is more or should have a better effect over time. I was told that HH diminishes with age which i found out isnt true i had the same problem When i first had the symptoms around 14 it was noticable then when i reached 17/18 it was really bad/unbearable regardless of the time of year or temperature. It could be that you think about it more so it gets worse. Believe me we all suffer from that vicious circle. Im now 29 though it hasnt gotten worse i would say it has decreased very slightly (probably due to medication or ive adapted to managing it better) Keep experimenting with the different methods available, be positive and im sure you'll find something that will help alleviate your problem
  10. I know this post is over month old but i had to comment. I think sensitivity is a factor too. On the rare occasions that my hands are dry e.g. first thing in the morning i'll rub my hands together lightly which will in turn triggger my hands to start sweating. Also attempting to do something intricate with my hands such as wiring a plug, threading a needle, putting a key on a keyring can cause the sweat to really pour... kinda disturbing
  11. wetk

    HH Survey

    Current Age: 29 Gender : Male Age when your HH began: around early teens 13 - 14 List everything you have tried to treat your HH: chinese herbal tea, sage tea, shiatsu massage, acupressure, acupuncture, propantheline, propnanol, buscopan, driclor, commercial anti p's all to no avail these methods had no effect on me. Im currently on glycopyrrolate tablets (Robinul)which are the most effective method for me so far (2mg b4 bed and again during the day) side effect of dry throat. Out of the following which best classifies the amount you sweat and from where: Palmar: usually mild to heavy but with medication they are light to totally dry. Still suffer from bursts of HH when nervous/stressed or the temperature is to hot for me. Axillary: usually mild even during cold weather currently very light. With the temperature rising usually I will have visible pit stains. Plantar: Mild feet constantly damp and sweat is visible .
  12. Yep its starting... it'll soon be HH peak season for me , don't you just hate that.. lovely weather but you cant enjoy it. Its really depressing
  13. A consultant told me that as I got into my 40's that my HH is likely to dissappear. Has anyone heard/been told this?. Im dont really want to be waiting around for a few decades to start living my life. Any mature sufferers like to comment on their experiences? thanks.
  14. Ive had HH since around 12 - 13 yrs old, got so much worse throughout my teens and 20's :cry: and has been constant ever since.
  15. wetk


    hi guys thanks for replying, Pinker:ive tried propantheline, propanalol, Anhydrol forte, Driclor, Buscopan, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, shiatsu. All with no effect.The robinul has been the most effective so far idripswet:Ive been taking Robinul for about 2 months now and yes it is effective but i really hate the bad side effects e.g sore dry throat and eyes. I guess i just have to lower my dosage. Teriykigurl: 3g at night :shock: thats a lot, I was advised to take it 3 times a day, you should spread out your dose to get a good effect through the day.But i was also advised that its ok to take it just before bed. As for cutting out dairy products it I don't know if its effective with HH but it has cured my childhood eczema.
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