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  1. That pretty much sounds lie the regular side effects of drugs that mess with the hormone levels. I have tired a couple of different SSRI and i can testify that libido and sleep was a huge problem for me on all of them. In fact the positive effects were so weak that it was not worth the side effects. The only drug that actually works for me is the Atenolol or Beta Blockers. I have to take those on an empty stomach to get the best effects. Sometimes it works better then other times but on the better times its really effective. I only take it very rarely because i don't want to rely on it. In my opinion it is the biggest side effect of the medication. If you take it every time for even the smallest things like going out for drinks or to the supermarket you will get to the point where you will be unable to leave the house without taking it due to the anxiety. This also will build up your tolerance to the drug.
  2. Jackal

    ETS effects reversal.

    Hey i am not one of you that have went through ETS but i know about its possible bad side effects that a lot of you are experiencing and wish to reverse its effects. Well it so happens that i am currently researching some peptides in a manner unrelated to this forum. GHRPS, GHRH and IGF are three groups of peptides that either stimulate direct proliferation of stem cells or indirectly work on pituitary to signal the release of GH into the body in a greater magnitude then naturally possible. I have read a lot of different progressions logs on different forums where i am a member about their healing and rebuilding abilities. Most of peptides have not yet made it to human trials but there are some that did. There are also some peptides that have even been approved for Hormone replacement therapies for aging that are very closely related to previously mentioned peptides. Many athletes and bodybuilders use the very same compounds improve performance or brake past a natural plateau inhibiting further gains. But something that excites me even more then this is the fact that such compounds stimulating the release of GH can be used to rebuild bones and soft tissue. A direct similarity to a Gh therapy by peptides would be an example Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections or stem cell therapy. "Platelet-rich plasma (Abbreviation: PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. As a concentrated source of autologousplatelets, PRP contains (and releases through degranulation) several different growth factors and other cytokines that stimulate healing of bone and soft tissue." So far i have only studied the effects on soft tissue and bones for sports performance because that is what lies within my radar of interests. If any one on here is as inquisitive as i am then i would like to promote the notion of there being a similar correlation between nerve regeneration and growth stimulating injectable compounds. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19225405 http://www.iflscience.com/brain/new-drug-boosts-nerve-regrowth-rats-spinal-cord-injuries https://www.eroids.com/forum/hgh-peptides/peptides/what-peptide-to-heal-nerve-damage The information i provide here is anecdotal and so i do not encourage anyone to use buy or distribute any of the mentioned substances.
  3. this actually doesn't work for me. I have bought it and tried on half my face to have a contrast to compare it to and no effects.
  4. It went great. I took 50mg atenolol and it felt really easy and natural to give the speech. I did not turn red, my heart didn't race and my hands didnt shake. I think that my voice was really clear and controlled. People laughed at my jokes and congradulated me on doing a good job afterwards.Also instead i have managed to unintentionally make the groom blush which i have never seen him do.
  5. Tomorrow i am having the pleasure of being a best man at my best friends wedding. I will be giving a toast during the reception. I am feeling increasingly anxious the closer it gets to the ceremony. At the rehearsal in the church and the reception my hands were sweating very badly. I am going to take atenolol 25-50 mg for the church and then 50 mg before the reception for the toast. I am feeling strong about the content of my speech but i am scared that i will be so nervous tat i will mess it up. Please pray for me that it will all go smooth. This is probably the hardest test for me in a long time.
  6. " Erythrophobia results from not accepting oneself the way a person really is. The first step to getting better is full self acceptation with fears and phobias which bother us in everyday life. The act of accepting our fears and phobias does not mean that we will identify ourselves with them as if with our true nature. The fear is a product of our surrounding and is not a natural feature of one self, it doesn't serve us and neither does it enrich us, it only restricts us and damps our emotions and our true selves. When we accept that with which we are fighting it looses its power and intensity because we no longer focus on our fear and no longer do we empower it through concentration. The act of concentrating on something inevitably results in increased preoccupation on particular thought. When we fear something we want to diminish the fear, in doing so it draws our entire attention and materializes into reality. That is how out brain works and its good to remember, to help it and not destroy it with never ending fight with ourselves. When you seize to await for a blush, when you stop avoiding people and expressing your own opinion and feelings from fear of going red then you will experience the first step of self acceptation. A helpfull tool are affirmations, I recommend the following for a particular ailment. " I (name) accept myself unconditionally the way i am right now". " I love myself, i respect myself and appreciate myself the way i am regardless of what others say and think about me". The second affirmation reveals one of the causes of erythrophobia. We often turn red because we harbor conscious and subconscious fear of criticism from our surrounding. We are afraid of opinions made about us and how others will grade and perceive us. This is were the strong fear of expressing ourselves and our opinions in front of a public. I recommend writing down previously mentioned affirmations. While doing so many of your fears that are causing your erythrophobia will begin to reveal themselves out from your subconscious. Write those down on paper and turn them into positive affirmations of forgiveness. Thanks to this you will release yourself from the ballast of negative imaginations about yourselves. The reason for erythrophobia is in our minds. If you can't understand why you are accompanied by this ailment then the real reason wasn't yet realized and is stuck in the subconscious rather then the conscious. Thanks to the affirmations the cause is revealed to the conscious and is then able to be understood. Seeing the cause of the problem results in its disappearance. A problem that can be understood is no longer a problem. P.S Drugs only numb and repress the causes of the problems. Its as if you were putting perfumes on a smelly body and pretending that you smell nice. Instead of stuffing yourself with drugs which only partially destroy the influence of fear its a lot better to release yourself from its causes and in turn release yourself from fear and its effects for ever." I have spent the last 1.5 hours translating this from a different language. To those of you that are reading this please don't dismiss any of these ideas. I know for a fact that a lot of this information is correct. I myself suffer from the worst case of blushing i can imagine. I have realized it along time ago that a bulk of my erythrophobia is caused by body dismorphic disorder. It is greatly influenced by how i perceive myself on a given day to how often and how bad i will turn red. A direct example of this is when i visit my barber. After i get a haircut i feel really good and confident about the way i look and i blush way less then normal. This is just a single example but i do strongly believe that how secure we are with ourselves is a direct trigger to the blushing cycle. Well i am already running late so i have to finish this post as is. P.S There may be many different reasons for blushers to have this condition but this is mine. I am here only trying to help you and its your job to decide weather or not this is for you.
  7. Well f*** i just wrote a long post about "Trauma" and i lost everything to a page refresh. Well ill write it other time. For now i will say Peter Levin "In an unspoken voice". You want answers ?; then read it. I strongly believe that trauma is the real culprit here. Do not dismiss this idea until you have read this book throughout.
  8. @ Katherine. O really that is great i am so happy for you.
  9. Well i did contact the psychiatrist but her schedule wouldn't fit mine so i didn't go after all. Instead i started reading books and watching videos on self improvement and psychology. I have to say i am making large leaps towards blushing free. I still have to go to psychiatrist for some CBT because after the years of this condition my body developed patters of Social Anxiety not related to blushing but induced by it. Pretty much i have hard time talking to people or starting conversations, i start talking weird my heart races and my body language is overall weird, but i don't blush most of the time.
  10. still here and still kicking lol
  11. Hey all its been very long since i took an active part in this forum. Ironically the more i come here and the more time i spend thinking about our shared problem the worse it gets. In the recent two years i have made significant improvements in my life. I try to participate in as many social family gatherings as i can, i have signed up to a gym a year ago and i am actually very comfortable there despite it being very crowded and having bright lights. Exercising is a crucial part of my wellbeing it helps me a lot in overcoming the fear of being in crowded places, it also raises my self image and value. I go to supermarket with an ease but i still encounter some hurdles like pretty cashiers or bumping into a friend (god forbid a group of friends). I read self improvement books and practice techniques for becoming a stronger version of myself. Today i have contacted a psychiatrist. I want to start some type of therapy in order to keep progressing forward especially that the last week or two i feel like i have been receding back into my old self. I have had a bad episode. I have started to go to a barber after several years of getting my hair getting cut at home. It was a big step for me because being on the spot like this looking in the mirror with bright lights over my head was an obvious trigger. So i have been to this barber several times now. During my last visit i had a bad episode in which i turned all red a couple of times while in the chair. The barber did point it out but i didn't do much of it. I have barely fought off a panic mode but i did feel like i have went out of this episode bruised and battered. I am planing on still going there in two weeks and i hope for the best. I just don't understand why it happened when everything was going so well. Well anyway i need to get better because i ultimately want to get back into college and i don't just want to go there and sit in the corner like a scared little boy but i want to participate and experience these last few years of school the way a normal person does. I have to be a stronger person, i must exceed this phobia just like every rational adult does overcome their childhood fears when driver by the expectations of life.
  12. sorry to hear this, hope that his sacrifice wont go unnoticed
  13. Just make a response to this post, i think this forum is pretty much dead but lets see how many people will respond to this in what time. I am very curious to know how many registered members actually still visit this site.
  14. yes and i know this situation very well, but also sometimes its much better and other times its much worse
  15. pffft really ? is that the best blush she can do ? i think ill start competing in blushing Olympics if everyone is like her i will be the world champion no doubt.
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