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  1. Same for me, I am nearly blush and flush free in Thailand. It will blow your mind
  2. Yeah that work both ways. The ones were no one laughs and just looks at you funny fcuk it. I am going to do it and I am going to do it well. you can kiss my arse blushing and flushing
  3. I have to give a presentation next week it will last around 5 mins, Last time I did something like this was 15 years ago. not a good memory. My main issue is that the flush that will come with it. This is my worst nightmare I'm sure like many others!! So I am expecting a full on deep red flush with big red patches I use xanex on rare occasions and will take some for this to try and cool my nerves a bit( it makes me more sleepy than anything). but I need to cover up the redness. any ideas? I have used dermacolor b4 and I think it is ok, but not to sure. I hope it will cover a full on flush. I have used my main color up on my dermacolor mini pallet. So I am going to order that color now. Any other ideas people, stuff that I could buy . Maybe something to bring on a full flush an hour b4 the presentation??
  4. Will this help with blushing also? anyone tried it yet?
  5. You have a good attitude and that helps. I am 33 and I can safely say blushing holds me back. I would love to say it does not but it does. Nowadays I have the attitude of fcuk it I don't care what people think of me. A simple fact of life is that people judge others. You might say you don't do it but you do and so do I. impressions count, people might not say it but they do. I am around long enough to know that it does matter. And talking of jobs, Blushing has effected that. I was sacked from my last job basically because of my blushing, I was offered a job which involved working on the road and providing IT support for businesses. I thought feck it, I am not letting my blushing effect my job, and when I was around people I blushed and I thought feck it I don't care. But after a while my blushing and nervousness and being lost for words, lead to customers loosing respect for me. I could basically see it in their faces. In the end people complained about me, saying they did not feel confident that I could do the job. I could easily do the job, its just that I did not portray a confident person, so I was sacked. You may say that I should try and improve my confidence etc. I try and put myself in situations. In the last year I have joined a swimming and surfing club, went back to education, I have put myself out there, I am enjoying my life, but I can only do so much, I am at an age now where I don't give a sh** what people think about me. If you don't like me then I don't care. I am now trying to find a job that I do not have to deal with loads of customers and I am happy with that. Maybe you are different, I am a shy person, that is the way god made me and I can't change that. But impressions count and you are kidding yourself if you think people don't judge you for your appearance. As they do.
  6. Cannot disagree with what you have said there, but it still does not eliminate the issue, if my ETS would have worked I would have got rid of my biggest problem and then worked on the rest. But you are right to a point in that you should not spend you life thinking it as disease or constantly looking for a solution as one does not exist and in the end it only leads to depression, better to get on with your life and try and enjoy what you have. But it would still be nice to be able to do an interview or talk to an attractive girl without going bright red. And people do care, people judge you all the time. And first impressions mean a lot
  7. All very good saying things like that, but it makes absolutely no sense. And does not cure the problem.
  8. I am the exact same. if the sun is in my face then I feel good. A recent example was at college. a few of us went to a cafe and the sun was hitting my face I was able to talk no problem and never thought about blushing. we then went to another place for a coffee as the class was late starting and there was no sun this time and I felt I could blush easy and kept quiet. I lived in a hot country for a year and It basically cured my blushing. not even ETS could do that for me!! My plan is when I am older and if I outlive my parents I will sell up and move to a hot and humid country. I have already been testing this and I have found a place that I visit alot and I am like a different person their. I have made alot of friends their. some have wanted to visit me in my own country. but I make excuses not to meet them here as I would curl up in a ball.
  9. I get back acne and I was just reading about hard water and it's effects on skin. I doubt very much this would have a major effect on improving blushing. but hard water is full of chemicals and can leave your skin very dry. you can buy a filter for you shower and they are easily fitted http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SHOWER-FILTER-KDF-FILTER-MEDIA_W0QQitemZ260343134477Q
  10. It's my number 1 problem. but I would also 3-4 on a scale. It has knock on effects. at the moment I am jobless. although in a recession I think I don't have a job because I was more or less sacked because of my blushing, reason I was not good with customers and they complained. but I am now back at college pursuing a career that is less customer orientated and more working on my own, which i love. I cannot get girls.because of my blushing. I don't go out anymore. but I get used to it. and flip side I have more money and I'm not overally bothered by it. I don't have alot of friends, but again this does not bother me as I like my own company. and the biggest one I am happy. which is all I care about
  11. It was not helping me and I upped the dose. but it I was sleeping 14hours a day. and I would still be wrecked. but I think there is a period that you need to get over for tiredness, although that never happened for myself.
  12. see i was thinking off trialing it before the interview. so i could time it right. so that i could be just coming off a big flush before i went in. what do you think?
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