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  1. Oh dear! I made a typo! Must learn not to talk on the phone at the same time as typing! I'm in the middle of organising the local school fair. Huge task! Anyway, I'm tired now and need sleep. I hope you do some more research on how to control the redness. There is heaps of info out there to read. ETS is not the solution! JB
  2. I assume the above comment was directed at 'raspberrycocoa'? I am responding, none-the-less. "People like you" is such a categorial statement. How sad, since you don't even know the person who wrote it and what background information founded the statements. I'm not sure what you mean by "rumours"? The only thing being hidden here is the TRUTH! That's all I like to see...the TRUTH!!! It's good to hear that you can't get ETS! That is at least a positive outcome. I'm interested to know why you change the way you write words? It's extremely unusual to do so! JB
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself! As I said before, the truth shall set you free!!!
  4. Now that saying takes me back some years! Thank goodness I'm all 'manured' in my old age! Big hugs back at ya!
  5. You seem far more reasonable a person than I, Enrique! Glad to see that you don't judge people! :roll:
  6. I know what I'm talking about Enrique, even if it's gone over your head! I call one person out and you judge a whole country!!! Gosh, that's seems very reasonable...NOT! :roll:
  7. Hey there UnR Please don't do ETS!!! Firstly mate, you say you have BDD! Secondly you say you have suicidal tendencies! ETS will make things FAR worse for you. Please do some more research before deciding on this option. Check out this link from Andrew's blog: http://www.rosacea.co.uk/blog/2006_03_01_archive.html More specifically, this link: http://www.truthaboutets.com/Pages/ETSheadlines.html "What he did not tell me was the horrible life style I now live!" "...ETS Docs Face Criminal Charges" Side Effects Overwhelming, Distraught ETS Patient Commits Suicide Check out the ETS section of this Forum too and read what others have to say. A friend of mine had ETS and regrets it every day. ETS is NOT something to do on the spur of a whim. Infact, given your current state of mind, it would be worst thing you could do!!! PLEASE believe me!!! Apparently you live in England. To be honest, I'm not sure you're a real person or an advert, Yup, this is harsh, I know! We see too much on this on-line and we get sceptical about these things. Whilst it may seem harsh to 'call you out', there are a number of inconsistencies. Either you are on the turps (alcohol) or you are pretending to be someone else in order to advertise ETS. Mmm! Which is it? Maybe this is 'Jordan" and your 'Mom' will come and help you out by posting a message from your computer. Truth will set you free!
  8. JB

    Letter for ESFB

    If you e-mail the author mep3000@gmail.com a questionnaire can be e-mailed back to you. Took me about half an hour to complete but then I do like to go over and over my answers! LOL JB
  9. JB

    Letter for ESFB

    Would be interesting to see who might have had some input in this research project. I've filled out my questionnarire. Hope more folks do too, so that everyone's opinions can be taken onboard. JB
  10. Hey, that's really cool. I could visualise a frightening scene from a horror movie with the first. The second set would be great for a video game. Keep up the great work. Don't forget us little people when you're rich and famous! :wink: JB
  11. Ah but I was young and wicked back then. I've 'manured' since then! Wouldn't touch the stuff now. Would love to hear some of your sounds BB. Can you post a sound file? JB
  12. JB

    Letter for ESFB

    Thanks BB...you know I'm just an OT dweller here. Ah well...I do read other areas but don't post. The more input from regular posters/readers...the better for this research project. JB
  13. JB

    Letter for ESFB

    This could also apply to newbies BB. The author is asking for input from anyone who wants to share their thoughts and opinions on this during the period May 2005 to May 2007. I will be very interested to read the findings, as I believe it applies to many Internet groups. JB
  14. Hey BB Sounds really cool and loads of fun. I'm not sure what it all means as my music is very different but doesn't mean I can't appreciate all types of music! Maybe I had a spat of this in younger years though? Read on... I used to listen to some bizarre bands in my teenage years. "Bauh Haus" (sp?...I've packed all my CDs so can't check) being probably the most bizarre, especially in those times...when Madonna wore pretty pink bows in her hair! I also remember a Swiss guy I knew (and had a crush on) who had a smoking room. Mmm! :shock: Yup, for the green stuff. His Mum used to bring munchies in! We would turn the lights off, put on his synth music with surround sound, lay back in the leather lounges and...well...ummm...veg out...whilst watching the stereo lights go up and down. At one point I was certain that I had little green aliens at my feet! He played stuff like listening to a saucer rolling around on a kitchen bench for an extended time until it eventually stopped. It's a bit hard to describe. The sound moved from one speaker to the next...so that it rotated around the room. Very cool and even more so in that particular room! There wre way more sounds that were a real spin out - yup an 80's saying! I think he produced the sounds himself. Anyway, without wanting to self-incriminate anymore...I shall head back to sorting my extended settlement date for my move. Urgh! Luv JB xxx
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