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  1. Any updates on anyone using Brimonidine? Any adverse reactions? A poster on another forum who used the product just disappeared from that forum, not a good sign to me.
  2. I have a coworker who is also a blusher, but he is the complete opposite of me in terms of confidence. He has a seemingly endless supply of confidence and is shockingly cocky for someone who blushes. But when he does blush, I can see his demeanor change, he is self consious about it and he kind of shrinks away a little. Yet he seems to keep it in control. I, on the other hand, have been devastated by this and it completely controls every aspect of my life. I believe the pyschological component of this is a huge factor, and one that I'm not able to control. My mind and fear of blushing and flushing are too powerful for me to just 'get over it'. I realize my plight in life could have been much worse, like being paraplegic or blind or horribly disfigured. But like Bob Bear, I don't think I should have to accept this and I'm glad there are those in the medical and pharmaceutical worlds who realize the profitable potential of people like me. At work I am ostracized and taken as a joke because I flush so easily, frequently, and severely. Yet this is not what I deserve. Not to be pretentious, but my work ethic is better than 80% of my coworkers and it's getting really hard to stick to my ideals when I have the glaring, condescending judgement of coworkers to deal with.
  3. Bob Bear, I love you. Thank you for posting this. I actually called Collagenex to see how much longer we have to *suffer* wait for this topical and I finally rec'd an email from Collagenex stating that clinical trials could begin by the end of this year. I'm so glad it might be sooner than that. Although Arizona is a long ways from Michigan.
  4. Any updates from anyone using Capillary Clear? By now some of you will have been using this for over 2 full months, see any new results?
  5. I was prescribed Toprol XL (extended release) by my doc, to take in conjunction with Clonidine. Can't really say if the Toprol or Clonidine knocked down my flushing or which one is more effective since I was taking them both. But on a vacation to Florida where I was in situations that would cause me to flare up badly, I did pretty well. I did have a few minor (to me) flare ups, but overall this drug combo helped.
  6. Yeah steve, it's called Sansrosa. Should be out hopefully in 1.5 years, because back in July or so they said 2 years. I too am baffled as to why it has taken this long for an effective treatment against flushing and redness.
  7. Any updates from users of this product?
  8. I too like the protection sunglasses afford me. Don't know the logic behind it, but I feel more comfortable with sunglasses on. And given the choice between 70 degrees F inside or 70 degrees F outside, I'd take outside everytime! I do feel like I blush a lot lot less outside, than inside.
  9. Heres how a flush usuall unfolds for me. I get home from work and am pretty much unflushed, but not pale of course since I have perm redness. Then if I cook something, or the heat comes on, or I eat something hot, then I feel a very intense burning sensation, but my face will still be unflushed. 10 to 20 minutes later, my cheeks will be a very, very deep red but the tingling and burning usually isn't that intense at this point. Sometimes I am very flushed but don't feel it I think if it's a flush from coldness/wind. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 7 for me. The burning, tingling usually only occurs in the very early stages of a severe flush, then it subsides but I still feel hot.
  10. goodlookin


    ^ok, whatever if that works for you then fine. But don't you think you are just fooling yourself and being fake? I do not agree when you say that "life is a big act". Life is what you make of it and if you want to constantly pretend, then go ahead, but you won't get any further in dealing with blushing, and you will only fool yourself. You just need to accept that you blush and move on. It really sucks but that is the hand we blushers were dealt. You can be fake or you can be real and take control. I'd rather be red and real than pale and fake.
  11. goodlookin


    That is the most stupid tip I've ever heard on how to deal with blushing. Just let it happen and if you don't want the person seeing you blush, then just abruptly end the convo and leave. Otherwise just let it happen, turning red isn't the end of the world.
  12. Definately yes. Although I think cool is relative to the climate that you live in. 40's and 50's F is cool to me, I live in a true four seasons climate. Yet that same temp in a tropical climate would be freezing cold. My ideal conditions are 65-70 degrees F with very very high humidity. It is great for my dry skin.
  13. I was reading on rosacea.org about IPL and it said that sometimes you won't see any improvements and in some cases IPL may make rosacea worse! Why would IPL work for some people and not others? Can it be attributed to an inexperienced IPL technician? I'm considering IPL, but the last thing I want to do is make my rosacea and perm. redness WORSE.
  14. Sodium Hydroxide as an ingredient in a sensitive skin facial cleanser? Isn't that the same caustic that is used (in much higher concentrations obviously) in drain openers? Why would that be in this product?
  15. I'm pretty sure it is intended as a facial topical.
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