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  1. Hello all, I went for the first of three IPL treatments yesterday and found the experience alright. There was very little discomfort, helped by the cooling air-jet I was given, and the worst part was the brightness of the light which made me jump every time! The only thing is, I have pretty bad swelling under my eyes and the area is still rather red - is this relatively normal? I expected swelling, but not to this extent, and I thought it would subside during the course of the day, which it hasn't. Can anyone offer any advice? I'm using sun block and aloe vera gel and staying cool etc, but just wonder how long this swelling will last. Thanks! C. x
  2. Hi all, I just finished reading Dr. Nase's most excellent book, "Beating Rosacea", and am trying a number of things that he recommends. One of the recommended nutritional supplements in the book was Wobenzym N, an enzyme formula said to help reduce chronic inflammatory disorders, thereby helping calm rosacea. My question is, is it safe to take this if you're taking Thyroxine tablets for hypothyroidism? Or any other medicines for that matter? I hope someone can help! Anna. x
  3. Hi all, I'm new to the Forum, though I've suffered with FB/FF for years and now have mild rosacea. I have been following this thread with interest, as I myself have been using Capillary Clear and wanted to add my own experience. I'm really sorry to say that it has had a negative effect on my skin. I used it exactly as directed, morning and night; I did nothing different to my skin otherwise - same gentle cleansing routine and nutrition as always. I am pretty sure that the cream had started to fade some of my capillaries after around five weeks, but I couldn't bear using it any longer - it brought me out in spots, made my skin feel dry and sore, and even brought on flushing episodes. During the day after having applied it, my face felt like it was on fire and was really uncomfortable. At night it would also burn, and the burning would sometimes keep me awake. Since stopping Capillary Clear my skin has returned to its previous state. I have permanent pinkness and the occasional blushing episode, but nothing nearly as bad as with the Capillary Clear. Now I am trying an anti-redness cream by Avene, which is available from Boots, and it's lovely! It's soothing on my skin, feels rich yet light, eases the discomfort and burning and doesn't bring me out in spots. It is also lightly green-tinted (very light, not like anti-redness make up which I dislike) so it evens out the skin tone slightly. I hope that this is in some way helpful. I hate bad news and I am very glad that this cream works for some people, but everyone's different and I just wanted to highlight what may happen to others. Best wishes all. Anna. x
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