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  1. Has anyone ever got red and stayed red form bending over, and i mean stayed red all day after..
  2. Hi i post on here now and again im a facial blusher 35 years now, is theeir anyone on this site that is over 50 years old. i"m 58 years old. where are all the older blushers, it dosnt go away at fifty i know that for a fact. Come on lets here from some "mature blushers".
  3. After reading some of the recent post i was just wondering if as blusher got older does their blushing get better or worst, mine is still the same even after e.t.s. And i can tell you this 'condition' has cost me plenty in all aspects of my life.
  4. does blushing cause social phobia or social phobia cause blushing,
  5. has anyone tried I.P.L. treatment or blushing only and if so did it work.
  6. Sorry 'hevencanwait' just noticed you age.
  7. thought so, nobody over forty, where are you older blushers, you must be out there.
  8. i've done this before i think? but how old are people on this forum, am i the only one who is touching 59 years old, and if so where are all the old blusher gone.
  9. no, they do it for blushing in the U.S. too. the also do redo operations in the U.S. As well, i think one of the surgeons name is Dr Neilson. but there are more.
  10. no, they do it for blushing in the U.S. too. the also do redo operations in the U.S. As well, i think one of the surgeons name is Dr Neilson. but there are more.
  11. Hi Chiara, The nurse is wrong they may not perform E.T.S. for facial blushing at that hospital but the certainley do at others. I had mine done at Whythenshaw Hospital in manchester.
  12. a redo is when they do a second E.T.S. if the first one fails. some do this others don't, if you think about it it's logical that if the operation fails it's because they have missed the nerve that has to be the reason all failed E. T. S. have happened. mine was for facial blushing only so he Must have missed the T2 nerve, i have to say one side [the right] is about15% better but the left is still the same.
  13. Hi, i.ve not posted on hear for a long time. i .ve had E.T. S. about four years ago. it failed, but i'm trying to have a redo if i can get the N.H.S. to agree, thats not easy i can tell you... they keep canceling my appointments, but after four cancelations i now have an appointment on the 26th of may at Salford in Manchester. and if the agree im going to go for it. (i've been at this for over three years)
  14. I had e.t.s. two years ago for facial blushing only, i had T2 cut, well the operation failed, but i now have c/s on my chest back and underarms this is severe in hot weather etc, what i'd like to know is if anyone else who has had this procedure if the sweating is given then chest problems, i feel like i have broncil problems and it won't go away, you see i have to cover up when it is hot i have to keep my jacket on[a light jacket] but the sweat still comes through now i have to stay in my own sweat all day when i'm working, this can't be good for me . has anyone else who has had e.t.s. had these problems.
  15. Hi everybody, i post hear from time to time. i suffer from facial blushing . can anyone tell me if this condition can lead to Rosacea even after 25 years of blushing. my face and nose seem to be more sensitive then before.
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