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  1. thanks eejay,yeah i went to one that bulk billed ,so im going to see him again next week to try to get some meds :twisted:
  2. sunbeds does def clear up spots,ive used them lots to make my skin look better,just dont abuse them!!
  3. why cant doc give you meds first time? anyway i explained my suituation and he printed out something to try to learn to control my mind or some crap!! i have to get a blood test tomorow and he printed off info for zoloft AND said i the print out doesnt work come back ina week and a half!! i wanted to try paxil or xanax do docs go mad when you say what drug you want? as ive heard from some users on here zoloft makes there flushing worse!!
  4. im going to the doc to try to get meds,im wanting to get xanax!! im going to say i got these before .25mg they where good but not strong enough,i never accually took them but want to and as ive never been to a doc in oz i can lie and he might give me it rather than f*** about with something crap first. or should i tell him my situation and see what he gives me?only med ive took for this was propronaprol (spelling).
  5. i work in a machine shop making aerospace parts,my job is quite stressfull as its easy to make a mistake!! i started working days it gets quite warm in the factory,plus with the bosses about etc its more chance to flush,blush!! i asked to go on nights which is good as im left alone etc,ive been doing that 3 weeks now but the only thing is when the guys come in to take over my machine i start to panic,rthe guy who takes over from me always moans about what ive left him to do on the machine!! i start to flush just before they come in and then i have to explain about the job to him,by now my face is lit up and im dying to get out of there,now everyone is in!! im going to go to the doctors to try to get meds,im new to australia and have never been to a doctor,do you phone up?have to pay there and then? :evil:
  6. hey what up!! i live in brisbane,ive had a bad day thats when i come on here!! i always think the older i get the less it will happen,but no it doesnt!!
  7. i lot of us blushers seem to stay single as its easier on us,i have had long term relationships but i hate the family dinners etc and foral stuff with parents. who is married or has bf,gf? also children,that must be hard as sometimes a child can embarrass you or draw attention to you if he/she cries or shouts in a bus etc? also do you think you would be red if you saw your son/daughter with her/his mates youve never met before,that scares me!! i always think i will be more mature when im older and will not go red ,well i hope so,i middle aged man going red isnt good :cry:
  8. no the exercise doesnt help me any
  9. i cycle to work and lift weights 3 days a week,i have a good life and am happy i think i just want to be even happier.
  10. thanks for the replys yeah today i said to myself dont blush and i didnt,the two lads that mess about are my mates now,they have asked me on a night out and bbq etc. i know they would laugh if they saw me go red i think thats the problem. sometimes when its hot in the workshop and im flushed i cant help but go red when someone sees me /talks to me as im embarrased about having a red face. the indian guy who works with me said you have bad sunburn lol
  11. as some of you know ive been in australia with my new job a month after being in ireland. im a cnc machinist which means i set/program machines to make aerospace/helicopter parts. as of tomorow i go on the 5 axias machines as they are happy with my work. this is a lot harder and you have to see the boss and people come out and see you more,i just know im going to blush especially as there are people working beside and oposite me. what meds can you get over the counter or on the net to calm me down and not care as much,the only thing ive tried before is propanaprol :wink:
  12. i cycle half an hour to work and same back,my face is so red i hate walking into work,but i get a cold shower at work and i cool down quite quickly
  13. shybutnot

    Gym tips

    nothing to worry about then,i go red when lifting and also 2 hrs after which is annoying as i somethimes have to time the gym right if im going out or meeting someone etc
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    where in oz do you live mate?
  15. shybutnot


    she was taking the picture lol yeah i am enjoying life but i know i could met so many more cool people and a real nice girl if i didnt blush. i guess it makes us who we are,i have lots of friends but would i have the same amount if i was a cocky non-blusher??
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