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  1. Hello, delightful people. What a felicitous time to drop in! I've long considered using sherbet instead of sugar on my cereals and in my coffee. A sweet powder without peer. The dib dab: delightful. Sherbet fountain was it? As a nipper not especially keen on nibbling the seven inch ebony pipe - tossed it aside, indeed, - but the sherbet was ample recompense.
  2. A wonderful and thoughtful (former) member of ESFB, Smokee, spoke very highly of EFT. The good people at emofree are certainly not money grubbers and will inundate you with free information for many years to come, should you express an interest.
  3. American-English. You gotta love it. F.L.I.C.K.I.N.G
  4. Sometimes when I am bored and flicking through the TV channels I will come across a show called Dog the Bounty Hunter. More often than not I will watch it. More often than not I will enjoy it. The best bit is when Dog warns his crew that the felon they are hunting is a physical brute, likely to be armed, and almost certainly a 'runner.' The felon they are hunting is never any of these things. But he is a felon so deserves all he gets. Especially an emotional sermon from Dog. Which is nice.
  5. A Not really. Canada, quite possibly. New Zealand, maybe. Q Favourite comedy moment from TV or movies?
  6. A Of course. I'm a terrible swimmer. I blame my unusual muscle density. Q If you travel 20 miles due north from your current spot, where will you be? In the sea, in the mountains, in a Welcome Break service station?
  7. GJ

    ETS Surgery in Australia

    Exercise prompts CS. So does just sitting around on a hot (English) summer's day. So does wearing a suit in a centrally heated office in winter. I would find working in an office environment the whole year round insupportable. I had ETS for flushing. It has helped some but not a huge amount. I regret the operation very much. The CS is bothersome for me (here in England) but nothing I can't deal with. What I find difficult to deal with is the mental lethargy; the difficulty concentrating; the utter lack of those highs associated with physical exercise; the muted emotional response to things that might more usually give rise to great excitement and joy. If you search long enough you will find these sorts of things in the medical literature. Your surgeon might not have mentioned them to you. So it goes. Of course, I chose to have ETS. I did this to me. That is the worst part. I would not wish this sort of regret on anyone.
  8. A While somebody may have a fondness for both of these things there is another portion of the bird that I consider yet more appealing: I speak of that well of intellectual profundity that has no bottom; that fundement of learning and wit; and the seat of proper and righteous conduct. It begins with B and rhymes with Saddam Hussein (or maybe farce). I'm not clear. Q At what age do you wish to perish?
  9. Q Is there a more refreshing drink than water sucked from a toothbrush on the completion of brusing your teeth? (Tea is not an acceptable answer!)
  10. GJ

    ETS Surgery in Australia

    Hello Some photos can be found here: http://p069.ezboard.com/betsandreversals I had ETS six years ago. CS becomes an issue for me at around 70-75F. I simply would not be able to tolerate your climate. While your meds cause cause drowsiness and fatigue, bear in mind that a good number of ets patients feel constantly lethargic; their vital energies permanently depressed. You can stop taking meds. ETS is with you forever. Best of luck.
  11. A Nay. I suspect even God thinks religion is a bad idea. Q Is marriage pointless?
  12. A No need. About these parts there's always a farmer on hand to club to death a dog with a sprained ankle or drop a concrete block on a hedgehog which has little grit in its eye. Q You have £100 ($200) in your pocket that you must spend, on the high street (in the mall), today. What do you buy?
  13. Before ets I used to be able to spell properly too.
  14. I know this very well. Lots of ets folk have complained of a sort of mental fuzziness: an inability to concentrate on demanding tasks; a lack of alertness; poor memory function etc etc Like you, in conversation, I forget the most commonplace and humdrum words. And, as for remembering names, forget about it! We might reflect that these sorts of symptoms are common in depressive illnesses too. If you suspect that you are the slightest bit depressed tackling that may melp your brain function some.
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