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  1. Hi I've been fishing around the internet today for hypnotherapy cd's/mp3's to overcome anxiety concerning my driving test (not too worried about my redness as I'm going to plaster myself in camouflage make-up! but I know I am going to be a nervous wreck) Anyway, I came across this and wondered if anyone has tried it, or would like to try it. It's fairly inexpensive and quite specific to our problems. http://www.hypnosisdownloads.com/downloads/self_improvement/blushing.html I might try this or the shyness one after I get over my driving test. Betty. X
  2. Hey Daveire, I'm so glad to hear that you've found some success with Almost Make-Up and also happy to hear you had no bad reaction to Capillary Clear, I hope I didn't scare you, I just didn't want anyone to go experience crazy painful skin unecessarily. Best wishes, Betty. X
  3. The thing is I never had Rosacea before using Capillary Clear, I just flushed when anxious or at the pub, no other triggers. I only want to let others know what I have learnt. Retinol can be fantastic for some, but can be awful for others. There are a couple of people on the Rosacea board who directly attribute the start of their Rosacea to using retinol creams. And a well respected skin specialist has also warned against retinol causing cosmetic intolerance syndrome. I am so happy that you have found an answer to your problem, really I am, but not everyone maybe so lucky. I am having trouble sleeping at the moment my cheeks are so painful, I just don't think using this cream is risk free. Your lucky you have strong skin, I envy you. And god, I never stated that you had made any claims that this cream would cure rosacea, I just thought that you were sharing your experiences here in the hope of helping others in the same manner I hope I am helping by sharing my personal experience and what I have since learnt about certain ingredients.
  4. Hello Daveire You know I would really reconsider continuing to use Capillary Clear, I hate that stuff with a passion as it has completely messed my skin up. You may think that you are having no reaction to it, but you can suffer from cumulative irritation from retinol where one day bam your skin goes crazy and will be irritated my all manner of things, even wind. I used it for 5 weeks without any problems whatsover, it is only afterwards that I've experienced negative side effects. Retinol, which Capillary Clear contains, can encourage angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels in the skin) which causes hypersensitivity. At the moment my skin currently stings and burns constantly, even when not flushed. Before using Capillary Clear I had lovely clear skin, that only flushed when I was anxious. I also actually have alot more broken capillaries on one side of my face, which is a real downer. Capillary Clear also contains bearberry extract, which is an apparently safe form of hydroqinine. Hydroquinine has actually been in the London news recently as a couple were proscecuted for selling skin bleaching products to the afro carribbean community to lighten skin which contained this substance. Hydroquinine is banned as it can cause liver damage, cancer and permanently damage blood vessels. The makers of Capillary Clear, Skin Doctors, I have learnt, have a rather shady reputation and have been proscecuted by the Australian authorities on a number of occasions for making false claims about their products. I would never ever use one of their products again and would warn friends and family against doing so. If I were you I would think about trying laser therapy from somebody like Dr Crouch to get rid of your permanent redness and try a medication like clonidine/propanalol/moxonidine for your blushing/flushing. Maybe even just use the camo products that lots of men on the board find very helpful and undetectable, which also has no side effects. Sorry for the rant, but I wish somebody warned me against this product. Betty. X
  5. I second what Kat said, continuing to look for answers concerning this Chanel product despite suffering a loss is so admirable. Thank-you so much. I truly hope that this will be the answer to alot of our prayers. It sounds almost too good to be true, but it could be the 'answer'. Betty. X
  6. Thank-you for bringing those products to my attention Capri, I think I may give Supercity a go too in the next couple of weeks (I'm currently giving my face a complete rest from any make-up or moisturisers, which is hard. Clinique actually have a poicy that they refund any product that you are unhappy with due to any negative reactions (well, so I was told by a lovely Clinique rep last week) which is good as I have wasted so much money over the past couple of months on different lotions and potions for my poor cheeks which have simply resulted in more stinging and burning. According to another web-site Zinc Oxide has the following benefits apart from being a sunscreen... ..is also a protectant and according to studies may help to reverse thinning of the epidermis with regular use, helping to hide thread veins. It is anti-microbial, it reflects heat and lessens skin temperature, which is of obvious benefit to Rosacea sufferers. It could therefore be of benefit to social flushers who do not yet suffer from Rosacea too. Betty. X
  7. Thank-you VickyGirl! I'm not actually sure if we have compounding pharmacies in the UK. I've just done a quick search, to no avail. I'll have to ask in my local regular pharmacy. Happy 2007 to you too (and everybody else!) Betty. X
  8. I've recently been experimenting with Lily Lilo mineral cosmetics and found that although they are not comfortable on my currently extremely sensitized skin (it feels very itchy), my skin is paler and less 'reactive' the following day after wearing it. I have come to the conclusion that this is due to the healing qualities of the Zinc Oxide that the mineral cosmetics contain and have been trying to find a cream that has Zinc Oxide and little else in it so that I can have the healing without any irritants. I have read that alot of sunscreens with a 'physical' barrier suited for Rosaceans contain a good amount of Zinc Oxide and many have a type of Zinc that is virtually undetectable on contact with the skin so you can wear it during the day and under make-up etc. Do searches for Linda Sy's ZincO, Clinique Supercity SPF 25, Calmin Environmental Protection Cream or any sunscreens containing micronized Zinc Oxide. Linda Sy's product seems to be the product with the least ingredients and therefore less likely to cause negatiive reactions, but is only available from the US and I'm hesitant to order it as I've had problems getting other products shipped from the US in recent weeks. I have been thinking about trying Sudocrem, but was concerned about the other ingredients other than Zinc possibly disagreeing with my skin and also about removing it. Does anyone know if it's possible to get a pure micronized Zinc Oxide cream in the UK? Betty. X
  9. I've noticed that the KP on the top of my arms has reduced significantly since I have been using an exfoliating mineral shower wash from Dove on a shower ball. I don't know what those squidgy things are called exactly, but they are gently exfoliating also, available for about £1 in Superdrug etc and look like this: http://chunxiang.en.alibaba.com/product/50165691/51441595/Common_Shower_Balls/Bath_Ball.html Betty. X
  10. I have been trialing Lily Lilo mineral powders over the past fews and have yet to come to a conclusion on them, but read about this company on a make-up forum, whose members rate them as having one of the best mineral foundation products with the greatest coverage. http://www.everydayminerals.com/g# Their products do not contain any potential nasties such as bismuth, plus they offer free samples and ship quickly to the UK (according to the messageboard). Betty. X
  11. Hey I was just wondering if you had gained any more information regarding mineral cosmetics, or more specifically which ones give the greatest coverage. I have some Jane Iredale Amazing Base on order, but am worried about trying it due to the bismuth it contains. Ideally I'd like a camouflage finish, but am unsure if this is possible using minerals without bismuth (though I don't even know if my skin will tolerate a product without bismuth, it is crazy at the moment ) This company look good, they have a green powder base and a cover-up product that can be mixed with the foundation loose powder for a heavier look. http://www.lilylolo.co.uk/lily-product3.php?cat=8&kw=mineral%20makeup%20uk&fl=3388 Betty. X
  12. I'd just like to warn people against the use of Capillary Clear as it contains Retinol, something which is a big no no for Rosaceans and has actually been attributed to inducing Rosacea in certain individuals. I'd used this product for 5 weeks in June of this year and although I cannot be certain, I believe it has had a detrimental effect upon my skin ie: I can no longer tolerate foundation make-up, flush more easily and am intolerant to cotton wool whereas I used it for years previously without problem. I wish I'd never tried this product and would advise caution in those who may be considering purchasing it. Betty. X
  13. I have an appointment with my GP this evening and am having a day to read as much as I can and work up the courage to ask for Clonidine (I'm dreading it is as it seems to be my only hope since the camo route is not working for me , my skin isn't even tolerating the foundation I used before trying camo with no problems whatsoever) As I've just read about Bisoprolol also I'm wondering whether I might mention this too, or whether my Dr will just laugh me out of the surgery. It's worth a try I suppose. Betty. X (PS. Bob after reading back on my posts from around the time I started to experience negative rections to camo, I noticed that this coincided with using Capillary Clear for 5 weeks, so I searched for this product on the Rosacea board and somebody warned against it as it contains the ingredient Retinol, which is a big no no for Rosaceans and also has been attributed to inducing Rosacea in some individuals, I think that I've possibly developed a cosmetic intolerance because of this - gutted)
  14. Yes Bob, I think we need to start paying you a salary for all of the wonderful work you do on this board, where would we be without you! (and Vickygirl also, you're both fantastic with practical advice and offering a friendly welcome to all who come asking for help). I hope you're both reaping good karma rewards for your kindness. Betty. X
  15. Hi Irishrose I went to Harvey Nicholls back in August to get colour matched for this product, but it unfortunately didn't suit my skin. Personally I didn't think the finish was all that good, but different skins require different types of product. I found this quite dry and chalky looking, but maybe it would suit you. From what I have read and was told it's a pretty heavy duty camo product and one of the kindest to skin (specifically Rosacea skin). It maybe worth going to get a sample as they are very generous with trial pots and the man at the counter was just soooo lovely. I had to wear Keromask to be brave enough to do this though and I don't know how I would have managed without it as you are plonked on a high stool in front of a big mirror to get the right shade (he matched the product to the skin on my neck). Another bonus with CoverFX is that they have an expcetional range of shades, something like 30-50, so you're quite likely to get a really good match. Betty. X
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