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  1. Jorel

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    Update: 4 year update! its been 4 months since i noticed the sparkles in my hands. My hands at most get damp when hot and nervous. Not enough that it drips sweat. Heck! i dont think others even notice when i shake thier hands. My hands get pretty cold too. I really believe that its all mental for me..i try my best not to think about it. For insatnce, yesterday, i went to a wedding. My hands were pretty dry...it was about 85 degrees outdoor. I shook alot of hands, most dry a few pretty sweaty. No big deal...those with sweaty hands shook hands with confidence. I realized that alot of hands sweat, and it doesnt change the person we are. They were actually the ones initiating hand shakes. Anyway, im really just trying to forget about this reoccurance im having. It really only gets damp when i think about shaking hands. I get nervous....but when im there about to shake hands...its actually fairly dry. ITS ALL MENTAL with me. With that said, i probably wont be on the site much longer because everytime i talk about my condition, i feel im regressing in my goal to foget or atleast control the thought of returning sweat. Everytime i visit this site, i end up thinking about my condition for the whole day...which isnt good for what im going through currently. I hope you guys understand. Anxiety is a ****! lol. Good luck to all!
  2. yah...same here...most of my buddies didnt even know. Right now, i think what bothers me the most is the fear of the sweating coming back like it was pre-ets. Though my hands are slighty moist now, its still better than it was before ets. I really just need to stop thinking and checking it constantly. Its the anixety all over again, and i know the anxiety will make it worst in the future. SO i really need to get over this small amount of dampness now.
  3. awwwww! I knew i shouldnt have brought it up! :cry: Alot of this stuff is mental. The only reason it came back for me is cuz my wife said "Jason's (my son) hands are really sweaty!". I started to feel bad for him and remembered how i felt back in the day, then i thought my hands were clammy too...so i got really obsessed with it and started checking constantly. Please just ignore it. Though its been 2 months now, my hands are never to the point where i think anyone has even noticed. Its still pretty much dry. I bet its the same as the last 3 years, but now "i" noticed it a bit. You know how your mind works when you think about things too much. You notice every little thing even if its nothing.
  4. Its true. When i think about it, it get moist. Its like pre ETS but "limited" cuz of the surgery. So i TRY not to have the anxiety that was associated it with. My mind is getting better. BUt now im dealing with the CS cuz its very hot here in socal..95F and up. I notice that my arms get moist to when i workout hard, so now my whole body sweats =P. Just cant wait till the weather cools down. Be thankful its only back and chest cuz my butt and legs get pretty wet too. Im also starting to think that if you think about CS alot, it gets pretty bad too. I wonder if thats the case.
  5. I wouldnt say it gets sweaty...but it gets moist when im anxious, heavy activity, hot or nervous. Not to the point where it drips, but its not bone dry like before either. I think rigth now, im just "scared" that it'll come back full sweat. Sometimes when its windy or cold, my hands get pretty cold cuz of the moisture im assuming. Lately, ive been dealing with it better. I just ignore it. But with this 100 degree weather here, the CS is acting up again lol. I think i should try anti persperent on my chest or something. lol
  6. Glad things are great with you! As for me...my hand sweat has slightly returned. More in my left hands. Shouldnt be a big deal, but its eating me up inside. :cry:
  7. Jorel

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    Hey Sarah...well my anxiety is getting better. I think im having fears of my hands sweating like crazy again. Something i just need to stop worrying about (like the past 3 years in which i totally forgot bout sweaty hands). Ive heard of sweat returning, like T4_patient and Nakkisau, but it seems to be a level that is minimal (nothing like pre ETS for them). I just need to get my mind straight. The past 4 weeks, only one time i remember my hand sweatin very little...and that was in church cuz i got worked up about holding hands with a stranger during prayer, but im not even sure it was enough sweat for the other person to notice. anyways, please keep me in your prayers that this "worry" of mine will go away.
  8. Jorel

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    I'll definately keep you guys posted. This forum has been alot of help for me. If you noticed...i was on here even before i had the surgery, and you can follow every step i took to make the decision. Even though im going through this "week of hell", i still consider it a success with no regrets. Its really my mind doing all the harm. If i didnt start thinking too much about it, i probably would still be happy not even aware that my hands can MILDLY sweat. Regardless, im still trying to just get it out of my head. Really no reason for me to worry, but i guess when you've been dry for 3.5 years...a tiny bit of sweat can shock you. I just pray i can cope with it better cuz i know there are alot of worst things out there...and my family doesnt deserve this from me.
  9. Jorel

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    So my hands are sweating Mildly.... ITs because of the anxiety i recon.
  10. Jorel

    OMG!! Im Back!! =)

    Hey guys...this week has been HELL. Why? well... My 8 month old has sweaty palms...i didnt mind it much till my wife Said "His hands are really really sweaty!". I felt guilty that it has passed to him. I started thinking about when i had sweaty palms again..and my hands started tingling a bit. So i checked..and they were dry. I started going through the symptoms i had when i had sweaty palms...except my palms wernt sweating (Phantom Sweating). Its been a horrible past 4-5 days cuz i cant go a minute without checking if my hands are sweating....stupid part is...its not!...i did see some "speckles"..but i dont think it is enough to actually be considered sweat....and thats if i look under a lamp. Its dissapointing cuz for 3.5 years..everything has been so good, and now..cuz of ive been thinking too much, ive been having anxiety over something that isnt there. Im pretty much worrying over nothing. It sucks. :cry: I pray this is just a phase i am going through and will go away. I keep convicing myself that its dry, but a few mins later, im think it isnt. :cry:
  11. Jorel

    Fatigue and Dizzyness

    Call your doctor
  12. Jorel

    Rafael Reisfeld

    I had ETS 4 years ago with Dr. Reisfeld. My feet seems to weat a little more...but im 95% satisfied with the treatment.
  13. Post ETS..my feet has been on and off...sometimes it sweats, sometimes it doesnt...havent figured it out yet. LOL
  14. Mine was gone as soon as i woke up...came back 3 days later for the night and was gone by morning...havent sweated since on my hands.
  15. gratz!..;havent had a dream in a couple years.
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