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  1. Does anyone have any information about where people can get these supplements? Also prices, effectiveness etc? Many thanks.
  2. you make it sound as if people have a choice as to whether or not they wish to entertain suicidal thoughts - this is nonsense. Suicidal thoughts are a product of a persons depression - regardless of the reasons as to why that depression began. I really don't think you can quantify when suicidal thoughts become justifiable. Is there ever any 'justification' to entertain suicidal thoughts due to 'outside' influences? I'll say again - everyone has a limit when it comes to what they're able to cope with in life. Some people can take things in their stride, whilst other people, sadly, go under. You can't just expect a person to stop having suicidal thoughts simply because you don't believe the root cause of their depression to be a good enough excuse. There are many reasons as to why people kill themselves; how many of those reasons do you think have any proper 'justification'? You mentioned that we have to open up and try to discover the reasons behind our depression. I'll tell you right now - Rosacea is the reason behind my dpression. I never felt this way before the symptoms of Rosacea began for me seventeen years ago. I had no underlying mental problems before this time. It's just that seventeen years of gradually worsening symptoms have taken their toll. You may or may not wish to believe what I'm saying to you, but this is how it is for me.
  3. Of course there are people on this forum who have a medical condition which leads to depression - it's called Rosacea. Just because everyone who suffers with Rosacea don't all necessarily succumb to deep depression and suicidal thoughts, doesn't mean those that do can't attribute them to the cumulative and devastating impact that Rosacea has on their everyday lives. For many, Rosacea is the the root cause of depression in their life. How do you know that some people can't attribute their depressive episodes directly, and even their suicidal thoughts to Rosacea? You have to remember that everyone is different. Some people are more able to cope with the things that life thows at them - some people can not.
  4. The reason I posed this question is because I often think about suicide. I don't think I'd ever take such a drastic and tragic final step, but there are often times when I think I'd simply prefer to just go to sleep and never wake up. Or as Stephen Fry put it when discussing his Bi-polar disorder: " I don't want to kill myself, but I wouldn't mind dying"
  5. Does anyone know of any incidence of suicide due to rosacea, or at least Rosacea being a contributing factor to a persons decision to take their own life?
  6. mooch


    Does anyone have any idea what sort of side-effects a person could expect if they stopped using Propranolol? I've been on this drug for many years, and it's gotten to the stage where I don't believe it does anything for me anymore. I currently take 200mg a day - even more when I'm particularly anxious. When I first started taking propranolol it was only 10mg per day. Mooch
  7. I bought capillary clear a couple of weeks ago and have since stopped using it because of the affect it had on my skin. My face became a lot redder after using 'capillary clear', and the redness took over a week to subside. Also, because of the greasy formulation of 'capillary clear', my face broke out into lots of spots. In my opinion, it was £20 down-the-drain.
  8. I've also been looking at this product, but am curious as to how effective it actually is. I mean let's face it, how far can you trust the manufacturers own literature? Has anyone else tried this product? Mooch
  9. Judging by the date of the previous in this thread, would I be correct in thinking that 'Capilliary clear' isn't that great?
  10. It's always good to put a face to the names!
  11. Yes. I suppose I can be a little overzealous, but I was only trying to impress you Suzette. Obviously I've failed miserably - boo hoo!
  12. Hmmm! Never heard of that! must get round to it one day.
  13. Day 3 spent at home. And it looks as though tomorrow will be number 4. I've also been reliably informed of my managers opinion of me. Needless to say he's not impressed. I'm teetering on that fine line between employment and the dole queue! :?
  14. 100% bitter and twisted! (though you may not have noticed)
  15. Anabella: I don't think acceptance is possible for me after sixteen years of this thing. But to all those who find themselves able to accept their condition - I take my hat off to you. With more than a hint of jealousy :wink: My confidence fluctuates like mad. One day I can be really upbeat, talkative and lively - the next - well, all it takes is a smart-arse comment from someone and...well you know what I mean?
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