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  1. I cut out caffeine. Now that I have your attention, read on.. This topic is a highlight of what I have found to have worked for me the best. I will offer insight of how long I’ve dealt with flushing, key stressors, and other variables. The first time I can remember was when I was about 15. I was never a shy person but if I ran into someone in say a grocery store or wasn’t expecting them, my face would light up. I never thought it was a social anxiety but more so an overactive “fight or flight” reaction. This theory, out of all theories I’ve tested, has proved to hold the most truth. What I have found is that in not only socially stressful situations but physically stressful situations can cause flushing as well. This can include: Lack of sleep Exercise Poor Diet Traveling Etc. All of these situations revolve around the simple fact of stressing your body. Thus causing an overactive central nervous system and enhancing your fight or flight reactions. So here has been what has helped; Cutting out Caffeine -Caffeine has seemed to be the biggest effect. It almost seems like your central nervous system is a fire and caffeine is lighter fluid to an extent. Taking Adaptogens -Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Holy Basils -This helps with calming your stress hormones. Focusing on diet -Macronutrient focused, Whole Foods, Improving overall energy I’ve realized that by doing this, it has essentially improved my central nervous system instead of stressing it. I have been less on edge, I don’t feel that *flushing about to happen* feeling. Hope this helps. Post is to simply help other and offer my feedback. I know how hard it can be, just keep trying new things and don’t get stuck in the same routines if they don’t work.
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