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  1. Thank you so much for the response. It is comforting to hear from someone who has had a positive experience. I did a lot of research and am scheduled for surgery on Monday. I know the risks and am just hoping the benefits outweigh them. I have a job that requires constant interaction/presentations and no medication or other measure has helped over the past year. I’m at my last option.
  2. I keep going back and forth on ETS. I have rosacea and FB, so I know the flushing probably won’t go away if I do ETS. I read horror stories or just stories of unsuccessful ETS and decide not to do it and to keep exploring options (I have been expiring options for over a year and a half without success). But then something happens like today, when I got a phone call and had to ask for a different appointment time than first suggested and I blushed bright red. Why???? I wasn’t nervous and it was over the phone and not a big deal. Moments like that and I just think I should do ETS because if my trigger is that sensitive then none of the other things will work.
  3. I know there seem to be differences in personalities, but any differences in terms of results/side effects? I am looking at Gorenstein and Nielson (Nielson would be more convenient but I see mixed things about him, although I haven’t seen mixed about results I don’t think...). Thanks!
  4. I have always had facial blushing from stress, anxiety, embarrassment, being put on the spot, public speaking, talked to by someone unexpectedly (like someone flirting or someone important), etc. It’s not great, especially for someone who has a job that requires extensive public speaking. But 1.5 years ago, I also was diagnosed with rosacea and what has been an unpleasant experience has turned into a nightmare. With the increased vasculature, my blushing is worse and lasts longer, and then I have become even more anxious about it happening so I avoid any situation I possibly can — including hanging with friends and professional opportunities. I also have flushing from heat and foods and alcohol— all rosacea type things. I am now seriously at the end of exhausting medications and laser and IPL and thinking ETS might give some relief. Anyone on here who has done ETS but also has the rosacea component? How were your results (what improved and what didn’t?)? thanks!!
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