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  1. Hi there! Have you gone ahead with the surgery? I can't comment on that surgeon imparticular, I had my surgery in Sheffield under the NHS after a very emotional trip to the doctors expressing all my psychological and emotional symptoms caused by the blushing. I honestly don't think I would be here had I not had the surgery. I was on fluoxetine and then moved onto ecsitalpram with a mixture of beta blockers for around 8 years. The medications where numbing me and I just wanted a solution to be able to be the real me and this seemed it. It worked wonders... completely took away the blushing, side effects where sweating to my lower back which I never had before but not to the extent it causes distress at all. One thing I must mention is that I do have a slight zoning out "issue", maybe its anxiety related but I do feel it has come about from the surgery. I often find myself going into zombie mode and totally not feeling with it, its quite a comfortable state if you can call it that but also has become distressing of late as my concentration is lacking and its happening in situations where I would quite like to focus on conversations. I think its a better toss up than turning maroon every 10 seconds but same time not a desired side effect! I had the surgery 4 years ago now and this last week I have had 2 episodes of blushing reappear..... it crept up my neck... and left a blotchy deep red rash for 5 minutes. So I'm slightly concerned my old ways are returning! Im having to look at this as a positive... maybe I'm returning to a less zombified state of constant zoning out and not feeling like I'm here.... and I need to use this opportunity to not dwell or pay any significance if it does return.... its attachment to the discomfort and embarrassment which makes us feel ashamed of whats going on here. If you need anymore insight just give me a shout. Id still say it was worth it as iv been able to let go and be the real me without restriction, its given me so much drug free confidence, however I'm still not on the straight and narrow after my body has been battered with SSRI's for ten years, still trying to normalise emotionally from that, what a journey!!!
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