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  1. Hey, could you give an update on this? Would appreciate that a lot I had ETS done too
  2. Hey, how are you feeling today? O.
  3. thank you for the in depth review. I will look into some of the stuff, currently I only wash my face with bottled water twice a day, my skin is too sensitive for anything else and working related I can not manage a breakout currently. I wash my hair with anti hair loss shampoo with Biotin in it and other stuff. I'm taking Relaxane, plant based medication against anxiety, that helps ok. I will soon have an doc appointment about different medication around psychology as Im dealing with anxiety blushing and a lot of other triggers, rosacea like symptoms. Have you had any luck with beta blockers? I'm a man too and currently I just put some toned sunscreen on and around the nose area. You are completely right, ETS is not always the answer, I did it and close to 7 years later here I am with more issues than before. O.
  4. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    Thx. Ive informed myself pretty deeply lately about all this. Btw you sure you dont want to get your clamps removed asap? You seem like a reasonable guy and the possible side effects you might suffer even in 5, 10 years from now could be life changing. I don't want to scare you or anything but you are still "fresh" and I would never have done the surgery never knowing if there is a health problem if it is from ETS or not. Yes you can remove the clamps later but even that healing process might take years if even.
  5. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    @blushingman Thx. May I ask for my appointment now this Friday is there anything you would recommend me asking? In the first reply you told me maybe not all necessary nerves got cut. I cant lie a second op would really scare me out 😕 Do you know of any other forums or plattforms people talk about ets? I would like to ask some more people about my symptoms. Btw have you heard about Low Dose Naltrexone? Thx in advance.
  6. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    @blushingmanwhat I want to add is too apparently ets surgery only helps against blushing? but in my case it clearly helped against flushing for ex. I could train indoors without getting red but before my head would turn red like crazy. Isnt that something that is not blushing?
  7. Hey do still feel the same? Which nerves were operated on? t2, 3? Were the nerves clamped or cut? I would very much appreciate a reply as Im feeling something similar. Had the op 7 years ago
  8. opare

    ETS surgery twice

    Has anonye done the surgery twice? Not because of removing the clamps, more like re-doing it after years of unhappy result or anything like that
  9. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    man all of this really is fu**** up, it might be time the robots take over I wonder if you can see pre surgery how the nerves are currently? For me t2 are they still cut off 7 years later. probably not I guess @blushingman
  10. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    thx! I will see what the doctor says. Do you know of any posibility that cut nerves could grow back? some way? Or is the sole reason for clamping that you can reserve it if wished?
  11. This is quite some time ago but how is it today?
  12. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    Appreciate it, did not know that. Are there more than these two within a ETS surgery? If that is how they differentiate from blushing and sweating it is actually my hands that stopped sweating since the surgery, which means these nerves are combined at some level? my hands are dry still to this day.
  13. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    I fully agree. Finally my surgeon answered and I asked him about t3, he said usually thats something for sweating than flushing but at least he ordered an appointement. I'm fully aware of my condition probably won't be solved if I would cut t3 (no clamping imo) but 1 why do I only get the sensitive feeling only on one side of my face, on the side I slept (cant sleep on the back) it stays like that pretty much throughout the day, and 2 flushing is coming back both cheeks more and more. As I'm not reacting well to any meds and there might be a slight relief from it why the hell not. It literally cant get much worse than it is. Struggling and more and more isolated myself for years. Do t2 and t3 do the same? or how do they different which nerv(es) to operate on? Thank you
  14. opare

    years after ETS surgery

    appreciate that. I might ask my surgeon about that. Fact is I can't live like this and have been depressed long enough. I dont have a problem with some comp. sweating rom the first surgery but my state now 7 years on is not ok. Btw the people that did it. Why did they do it? Blushing, Sweating? How did it go for them?
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