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  1. Hi All, As someone who has suffered from this condition my entire life, I have found this site and it has encouraged me to consider ets surgery, something I once ruled out as too dangerous or extreme. It seems many people who have had the surgery in the past few years have had decent results. I am interested in Dr. Gorenstein as a surgeon. On their website they state that patients who have some very specific attributes tend to benefit most from the surgery. “These patients usually have a fair complexion, and exhibit patchy/blotchy erythematous patches over their upper chest neck and face which comes and goes in stressful embarrassing situations.” This describes me perfectly. In fact, my chest and neck are the worst part of it for me, (I do also blush on my face) so after reading this it gives me hope that I could be a good candidate for the surgery My questions are: 1. If you fit these characteristics and have had surgery, what are your results? Would you say it was a success? And did the chest and neck blushing go away post surgery? 2. Are you a patient of Dr. Gorenstein and if so can you tell me your experience?
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