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    I'd love to hear your results of ETS! I too am considering the surgery.
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    I take 75mg of Effexor at 8am and 6pm to keep it on board 24/7. It doesn't have any side effects for me though. Although my flushing/blushing is not entirely gone, it has helped a ton. I'm sorry It has been making you feel sick. You could try clonidine or sertraline. Both should help. Everyone is different and I'm not sure how you will react to it. But maybe try and stay on Effexor for awhile and see if those side effects start to die off.
  3. Hi Fedup!!! I am so thankful for this forum and for your updates on it! I am considering ETS. I have a question for you though. Did you have a baseline redness before ETS or was your face only red when you blushed?
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