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  1. Update on this... It turns out my blushing is more of a 90% fixed thing, I went through it recently again over the phone with Dr Greenstein. As the nerves are cut, it's impossible for it to come from them nerves, but a small bit of it from adrenaline can come from other nerve's, which happens not often atall. So I have still carried on doing the normal outgoing things and haven't blushed which is good. When Dr Greenstein explained it I think I understood it wrong when he said it's a 90% chance of working, not meaning 90% will work 100% and 10% it won't work. Actually meaning it will work 90% of the time. πŸ™‚
  2. I had the surgery in April and have had no tingling sensation on my face and no blushing, until this past week where it's happened twice... πŸ˜• Any light shed on this, like people having the surgery done twice etc would help, thanks
  3. I had ETS surgery last April and it fixed my facial blushing, I've had two stressful moments this week and I got mild facial blushing with the tingly feeling on my face which I haven't had since before the surgery, has it returned ? πŸ˜• Anyone who can shed some light on this please, thanks
  4. Another update... I've found something that works really well, it moistureies your hands but doesn't leave them feeling soft so you can still grip things like paper just fine... πŸ™‚πŸ‘ https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.amazon.co.uk/Keeffes-Working-Hands-Hand-Cream/dp/B074MYPRPQ&ved=2ahUKEwje19S45f3hAhUwVRUIHTiyCsAQFjAAegQIBxAB&usg=AOvVaw3EadD-A9FD_aHY7FsN93RI
  5. Small update πŸ™‚ I've put myself in positions where I'd normally have FB but the heated sensation never comes which is great, so I think it's definitely worked πŸ‘ Side effects so far are pretty dry hands, which I moisturise daily now... But after I moisturise it just leaves my hands soft and a little dry still so my hands feel abit uncomfortable alot of the time, I've ordered two things from Amazon so I'll see if they work... Can anybody offer any advice or help on this? Apart from that I feel lethargic still (surgery was the 24th wed April), and a lack of fitness/stamina, but I've heard will go back to normal with time πŸ‘ any comments to this post is welcome.... πŸ™‚ Thanks
  6. So I've had the surgery... Here's how the day went... I got to the hospital at 8ish, signed in and paid the hospital fee. Then got took to my room where I would stay, I got told the surgery would be around 12ish, I ticked a few boxes of preferences on dinner, tea and breakfast. Had my height, weight took and got given hospital clothes to wear, he told me to put them on so I was ready when they came, which didn't make sense to me as its was about 8:30 and I got told my surgery was at 12ish, so I just said I have sensitive skin and would like to keep my comfortable clothes on and he said oh okay that's fine. I had abit of time to kill, but I brought my PS4 with me so I played fifa and rocket league until it was 30 minutes before my surgery, at that point I got changed. Another person came by who was in the anesthetic room later, asking if I had any allergies etc. I soon after had somebody walk me to the anesthetic room and theirο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώο»Ώ was Dr Greenstein, the guy I seen before and a woman who I ο»Ώhadn't met yet, I got out asleep and suddenly woke up in the "wake up room"? Haha can't remember what they called it. So anyway I got woke up by two nurses who were really nice and easy to talk to, providing me with water constantly because of dry mouth, my heart rate was very low at 30 so they gave me two injections to raise it to 50, and I got took back to my room, ο»ΏI felt lethargic, dozy, weak, harder to take breaths fully and a little pain in the chest. But in general not as bad as I thought I'd be, food came a hour later and I managed about half, I watched the Manchester derby on my PS4 and then it was about 9:30... I planned to decide about then if I was good enough to leave, I have trouble sleeping at hospital's because it's not my normal environment so I didn't want to stay and not sleep all night, so I decided to leave, Dr Greenstein advised against it but said we can't hold you to your will, and I explained I'd be happier if I could leave and I believe I feel focused and well enough to get home okay. So I got a taxi to London Euston from the hospital and a 2 hour train back to Manchester Stockport. I felt emotional when the train set of back home, I sat in first class which was quiet with nobody their and peaceful, and the food guy and ticket guy were made sure I was okay as they could see I was emotional. Finally got off the train and had a 30 minute drive home, I'm a good driver and quite sensible anyway so I drove home fine πŸ™‚ I hope this helps anybody if they are curious of the hole process, and it's also nice for me to share as I haven't told friends or family atall about all of this. I definitely notice the dry hands so im using moisturiser on my hands everyday now, and for the FB, I felt it could of happened while getting the taxi and getting the train, but only my chest got a little red and not my neck and face, I'll see over the next few weeks for sure though Thanks
  7. Cool πŸ™‚ yeah I'll keep in touch via personal messaging on here if you like πŸ‘ theres some good forums on here like one from CA123 who commented above ^ about how they got on after surgery, this is why this site is great as we can go through this journey together 😌 Thanks πŸ™‚
  8. Hey, no you don't need any referral from your GP when seeing Dr Greenstein, from what you've said already with trying things with no success I think he would be happy to help. The process is quite quick, I got a appointment within two weeks of calling and surgery booked within a month, my surgery is booked for the 24th of April let me know if there's anything else Thanks
  9. Hey πŸ™‚ the consultation went well, I was quite nervous but I eased into it after a while, plus he is easy to talk to etc, he will answer any questions you have, I got the train to London Euston and underground to st John's and Elizabeths hospital. Surgery is booked for 24th of April πŸ™‚ hopefully all goes well, it's great having this site for support 😌 let me know if you have any questions flushy πŸ™‚πŸ‘
  10. I'm currently speaking to one or two people about this which is great πŸ™‚
  11. Thanks for all of the messages and support guys, I'm currently speaking to one or two people from this site, which is great as I don't have to go through this journey alone. πŸ™‚ (I feel it would make things more difficult and confusing if my family and friends knew) I have my consultation booked for the 18th of march, a little more than a week away. I was feeling quite nervous and stressed about the hole situation a few weeks ago but since having read things on here and speaking to people on here and also booking the consultation, I feel positive and almost normal about it as other people have gone through the same process, and I can hopefully rid myself of this restriction in my life and be able to do different things without having this barrier. FB hardly ever happens since I have been on propranolol and then onto bisoprolol and now only on sertraline, yes it helps alot with FB but I don't want to be on prescription drugs for any longer as even though I'm getting places in life, like friends, work etc, life just doesn't feel authentic and natural, in my experience anyway. I have tried to come of these prescription drugs a few times in the past but FB came back, like I'd just be sitting there at work and around 5 or 6pm I'd start getting a racing heart, sweaty hands and feel FB coming on. Like can you not I'm trying to work!πŸ™„πŸ˜„πŸ˜’ Something's challenge us in life and you've just got to try your best to solve the problems I guess. I just wanted to touch on that as I feel it's something I left out on my first message. Thanks
  12. I'm having a consultation and surgery with Dr Greenstein in the next month, has anyone had it with Dr Greenstein??? I just have some questions if anybody can chat please!
  13. Hi, I have struggled with facial blushing since I was around 15, I am 25 now(from the UK). I only found this site the other day and I was took back quite a lot when I read the "learn more about facial blushing" and then "what is facial blushing". After reading that through I no longer felt as alone, I did always think I can't be the only person who suffers but to find this page took me back abit. It happened not so often before I was 15, but then when I had to get a job and start working, it started to bother me then, like in interviews. Since then I have struggled alot with it on buses, trains, at meals or sometimes social events, I have managed to hide it quite well by leaving the area or drinking alcohol (at social events). It also tends to happen later in the day, not so much in the morning after I have woken up. As time passed, I did begin to learn that it wasn't a feeling of embarrassment, it was a feeling of anxiety. And it became a thing of coming up with coping mechanisms so it wouldn't happen. Which has thus affected my life because as I have carried on being fairly outgoing and doing fun things etc, but I have always had things to help deal with it, like alcohol at social events for example, along with those times I haven't been able to help it and it leaves me feeling awful. I'd say it's 90% of the fear of it happening and 10% the actual situation. I went through a tough time when I was 23 and I was pushed to a point where I had to ask for help, so I told my GP and I went on propranolol (beta blocker) for a few months which made me feel numb to the world, I then went on bisoprolol(beta blocker) which was more of the long lasting throughout the day dumbed down version of propranolol. I was on these for about a year and it helped me calm abit but I realised that it still made me abit numb to the world and I just wasn't creative anymore, so I went onto sertraline(anti depressant). After a few weeks I came of bisoprolol and was only on sertraline, things have been alot better as I have got my creative side back but I do not feel 100% natural on these still, and I still have the blushing in stressful times. I really don't wish to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life, so I am considering ETS surgery with David Greenstein. I haven't told anybody about this except my local GP two years ago when I had a tough time. If anyone would be able to have a chat then that would help... Aswell... if anyone has had a consultation and the ETS surgery with David Greenstein please get in touch with me as I have some questions. Thanks
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