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  1. Hello Rosie, I live in the Toronto area and would be interested in something like this. I know you posted this a year ago so not sure if you would still be interested. You can message me if you are interested.
  2. Hello, it looks like this post is over ten years old now but I think it is one that is still relevant. I too have struggled tremendously with blushing, especially when giving a public presentation. I tried my best to hide from things that would make me blush but eventually it will catch up to you at some point. Whether it be in a public place, at work, or sometimes with family too. I'd heard about Toastmasters about 10 years ago but I never followed through with it. But a couple of years ago, I was asked by my brother to be his best man and that gave me motivation to help improve my fear of public speaking, which was triggered by my facial blushing. It wasn't a quick fix, but ever since I joined, slowly but surely my confidence grew and grew. It reached a point where I was able to compete in a contest and win, not once, but twice! And guess what the speech was on... blushing! It was a great feeling and something I've been proud of. It didn't encompass every struggle and was more fitting of a Toastmasters Contest style speech, but I hope it's a beginning to hearing more speeches of people overcoming their struggles with blushing. I would like to share my speech below in the post and hope you enjoy it.
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