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  1. Paula


    Very interesting, thank you Jim.
  2. Thank you Old Timer,.... NurseT,..i was around 60 when the blushing became easier, and to this day,i dont know why,i never think about it,even when i do flush,I don't care,i just carry on,..but i vividly still remember those deeply painful days of blushing! ...i am a BAC,..i was in my late 30s when i had my revelation, ..God allowed the blushing to happen, i certainly dont blame him,.. I tried hypnosis, it didn't work,i used to have a drink as well,before i went out,just to calm my nerves, which worked, ..but the once it wears off,back come's the blushing, .. So pleased you have a supportive family,..it helps to talk to fellow sufferer's doesn't it?....Old Timer,how are you?..and has blushing become easier for you?
  3. That is true, just to correct myself, blushing was still with me at 60,not now though,very,very occasionally,do i blush,..my heart goes out to people with it,..looking back,that phobia had so much power over me!.
  4. Paula


    To be honest Rosieface,..i dont know why i rarely blush,i believe as you say,it's an age thing,i was still blushing at 60,it was still on my mind,you know what it's like,24/7 blushing was on my mind,always thinking of ways,to avoid certain situations, which i knew i would blush in,shopping was the worst for me,i had to take valium to calm my anxiety, ..i covered up a lot,with a jacket and thick scarf in winter, as my neck was redder than my face,.... It must be a couple of year's now,since my life changed,isn't it sad though,that i had to go through all those years of hell,...i could never go through that again,..i did think about surgery,but GP said it isn't always successful, ...i must say,i am a stronger person for all that suffering ,..and will share my story if it helps other's, ...and also support them,....thank you for you're post,i am here if you need support, I'm glad you're mother is there for you,as she knows first hand what blushing feels like.
  5. Paula


    I am in my sixties, and felt so much shame,because of my blushing, ..i seldom blush now,but when i was young i felt so much shame and i actually believed there was something mentally wrong with me,..that's how i believe i was made to feel,...i wasn't mental i was emotionally disturbed ,because of constant "Bullying "!!!!......people and their word's can and does so much damage,..i remember reading online about a young boy who committed suicide because of his blushing phobia,....how sad is that!.
  6. Paula

    ETS side effects

    Sorry to hear that,...but on another note,isn't it awful what we have to go through,you had to have that operation because of blushing, ...what the HE.. is wrong with society, why cant everyone be accepted for who they are,blushing or no blushing, ..why do people have to make it so much more than it is,..lets face it,people in society have a huge impact on us,with their ignorant, insensitive remarks,..from a blusher who suffered in hell most of her life,..not any more though, ...and God help anyone, who takes the mickey out of a blusher,in front of me!.
  7. All my life,i had to avoid certain situations, because of blushing, same with jobs,i worked nights,to rid myself of being around to many people, because there is always "one"!! who has to point it out,and make you feel stupid in front of everyone! .
  8. I am in my sixties,suffered with blushing all my life,blushing ruined my life,..i remember people saying that to me,all it does is reinforce how you already feel about it,..i just wasn't strong enough to overcome the feeling of being inadequate, ..that's how i felt anyway, ..but i wasn't inadequate, ..when you are young, i took everything to heart,the more people took the pi.. out of me,the more it affected me,even my family made me feel inferior, ...oh i see me back then,that poor girl,...it was hell!....no help in those day's, just valium prescribed for my anxiety, ....but hey,here i am,i survived and living my life to the full now,..i blush sometimes, but i dont care,there is nothing and was nothing wrong with me,..when people see it doesn't bother me,they back off,....but i believe, if someone picks you up on blushing, and they know if it affects you,..they are showing their own problems, ...that is my opinion.
  9. Blushing for me was so debilitating, i suffered all my life with it,i used to think everything you think,...it's a dreadful phobia,and the ignorant people make it worse,it left me in my fifties, ..i am now living my life,never enters my head now,and i have no idea why...my heart goes out to blushers,but reremember this,..you are normal,it's just a horrible phobia, which can be reinforced by ignorant people!.
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