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  1. Clonidine along with L-methionine an amino acid helped underlying redness, flushing and the ability to feel the hotness of a blush still experimenting with doses and time but some positive affects so far, this is not a cure but possible relief thought ird share.
  2. Yh i got a appointment next month with a surgeon alot of ppl have been turned dont but im sure with how frequent it is ill get it
  3. Where you based have you tried the nhs?
  4. Not really i think its genetic its worse indoors when attentions on me wbu
  5. Noticed it bout 9yrs ago getting ets soon, mine started in school did you randomly get it
  6. How longs this been happening for you
  7. I have been blushing from birth as my parent suffered the same but had a successful ets operation, i blush in any situation and have permant redness above eyebrows which is unusual for most blushers so i decided to get reffered to a surgeon. I was wondering the how bad the sweating after the surgery is as i can deal with swapping the two around aslong as it not unbearable?
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