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  1. Paula, Thanks for your response. I just turned 50. I started blushing at 25 or so. My mom was a blusher as well. She is still on this earth, thank God, and rarely blushes now. Both her and I have Raynauds. Our hands and feet are always cold. I was told that is common with blushers, part of an over active sympathetic nervous system. I had ETS TWICE with no help. Very unfortunate. I’m still asking God “why”. Trying to have faith but it’s difficult. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t swell with the blushing. It is extremely uncomfortable. In that, I’m glad you flush less, and when you do, you are able to carry on. I hope I can get to that day. My mother used to say” just walk through it”. Take care...
  2. Paula, Vitamin Doge and Jim, Thanks for your responses. I agree that if I felt the flushing less, it would still bother me, but not as much. I am an RN and also have a degree in management. I gave up my career about 7 years ago due to this flushing and pain, physically and mental wise. Very difficult as I always wanted to be successful in life. Thank goodness I’m married to a wonderful man although this takes a toll on him too watching me deal (or not deal) with this. Anybody able to get disability from this? I have not tried. Paula, did the flushing get better with age? My mother’s got better in 50’s or so. Well, I read how this has destroyed people’s lives as well as mine. It used to upset me really bad to read other people’s occurances of flushing because then I knew I wasn’t exaggerating the pain and suffering. I spent a week on a ventilator from pneumonia a year ago and was given 50/50 chance to live. Sometimes I ask “why did God let me live and still go through this.” This meaning the flushing. Otherwise I am very healthy. I have two teen daughters, so I suppose that is why but it’s not fun for them either to see their mother suffer. A commom thread I see is feelings of anxiety. As hard as it may be, I would imagine we have to do anything and everything to try and alleviate these feelings. I started some hypnosis ( from you-ube). It may not help in the beginning, but worth trying over and over. Dahn Yoga has helped in the past. It’s easy yoga. Eating well, etc... You may or may not be into prayer, but I’ll say some kind thoughts for you all on this site.
  3. Does yours physically hurt? Mine physically hursts and swells with flushing, very difficult. I do agree with you though. To a point, we need to LIVE with it. I think if more people exercised through more calming methods such as yoga or meditation, it could help. Dahn Yoga has helped me some. I’m guilty of not eating real healthy, but I believe there is responsibility in that as well. Mind over matter, difficult, but we have got to try. Thanks for your post. I’ve been a flusher for 20 or so years. The worse it got, the more I wanted to give up on life, literally. Back to fighting...
  4. I also wanted to mention the book When Blushung Hurts. It has medication and procedural recommendations for flushing as well as other things. I am in the United States, I’m not sure if this book would be in the UK. I got my book at Barnes and Noble and can be ordered online. See file.
  5. I have had good friends say to me “ your face is red” and they are still good friends. Sometimes I actually believe they don’t think much of it and we think more of it than them. I admit, I HATE it and it even hurts. Does yours hurt? I’m asking anybody who reads this. Anybody try Mirvaso? Not sure of the spelling. I tried it but not long enough. I’m about to give it a good try this time. I had ETS done twice. Unfortunately, it did not work. I hate to mention that because I don’t want people to lose hope. In my research, it has worked for many people. I’m about to try Lysine, Vitamin C and Zinc as somebody else suggested on this site and had excellent results. Update in maybe a couple of weeks or so.... also, what is CBT? Old Timer, sorry about your experience.
  6. Astonished, how long have the flushing? How severe was it? Mine is very severe. It’s ruining my life and I was always an active go getter in life. I’m happy for you because I know the devastation.
  7. I’m in the USA. Had ETS twice by Dr. Nielson in San Antonio, TX. Many people it worked for, but very unfortunately, not me. Insurance paid the first time, I paid the second. $10,000 US dollars.
  8. NurseT


    Thanks for sharing. I got Mirvaso but didn’t give it a good try. I will now! Does it still work for you?
  9. The problem is getting a doctor to prescribe it.
  10. NurseT

    Mirvaso rebound

    Wow! Thanks for posting.
  11. Did you look up Dr. Nielson in San Antonio, TX? He did ETS on me. My insurance paid for the surgery with my diagnosis of Hyperpyrexia. I mention that because if you have a diagnosis, insurance may help pay. I begged my physician to diagnose me, and he did. Warning, ETS did not help my facial flushing, but it does for many people. Dr. Nielson will give you contact people you can call on people he has operated on. Do your research. God Bless. I know the pain all too much.
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