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  1. Thank you for kind words! I think I will give it a year or two and see how it goes.
  2. Free in my country.
  3. I f****** my body up with ETS. I had clamps put on(2 years ago) and after I got severe CS.. Like small things triggered these and my whole stomach and back were dripping from sweat. Then I went to get my clamps removed (6 months after surgery) hoping it would decrease the CS but now blushing came back and I still have severe CS. So now I have all the bad things... I still don't sweat from my hands or face. Armpits started sweating, palms lil bit. The CS on my back and stomach is crazy.. I'm teaching fitness classes and I have to put 2 layers of tank tops under my shirt sometimes to hide the sweat... I'm thinking of doing ETS again(in 2 years) if they will let me in the future because the blushing really sucks hard.. The doctors will probably tell me to f..off this time but we'll see. Maybe there will be a better solution in 2 years.
  4. Yes i did and now I kind of regret it. CS hasnt reduced a single bit and now im getting back all of the negative things... Well i f***ed up real bad..
  5. Iv been putting tank top under my normal shirt. Sporting shirts from adidas are a good way to go, they hide sweat really well. Even if my back and stomach is soaked it blends in with the rest of the shirt. I have grey, red and dark navy blue. Cost me 40 euros but damn worth it.
  6. How do you do it at home.. I'v tried but it's kinda hard to get the full flushing/blushing on to take before and after picture.
  7. Im not sure about therapy but what helps me reduce blushing and episodes is becoming more social. It's like training yourself to be more confident. No I haven't tried beta blockers and I probably wont ever. I don't like to use medications. But yeah let's hope things get better for all of us.
  8. I had ETS 6 months ago to reduce/remove blushing. It did help but it didn't go away fully.. But reduced by significant ammount. But I got severe CS from the surgery and had my clamps removed.. hopefully it will reduce CS overtime. It's so different for everyone so hard to say if you should go for it. If you have a sitting job when it will probably be okay. I had a physical job and when I did something physical for 5minutes my shirt was soaking wet... U can pm me for further questions
  9. I had ETS with T2/T3 Clipped because of blushing also. But i got so severe CS that I had my clips removed last week. Hopefully CS will reduce overtime.. I had problems with blushing too whole my life and yeah it really ruins everything.. After the ETS my blushing reduced a lot but in extreme cases it still stayed but not so much.. The confident boost I got after the surgery was huge.. Like the world was a different place..But soon I will probably be back to blushing.. I'm kinda bummed the surgery didn't work for me but glad it's working out for you.. Blushing ruins lives..
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