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  1. yes I am no I havent said it is a funny video. I am based in east London!
  2. Hi big red it will be a short artistic video part of an installation I will need to have some shots about some characters blushing - as a display/signal of protection.if you want I can tell you more in a private email or we can meet! Thanks m.
  3. thanks charlie! yes I hope I ll find some people who wants to be in the video!! xx
  4. hello everyone, I am a blusher and I am doing an artistic video which is also about blushing, it is about fragility and loss of control. I am doing some researches and trying to find some people who are willing to be recorded while blushing. I would love to have some visual material and to chat more about it with other persons, if anyone is interested I would be really happy to meet or skype and I ll explain more about it! let me know! and thanks! M
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