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  1. Anybody interested ?
  2. Hi deffinatly go to d the doctors they can prescribe some meds to “try” help it does ruin lifes and more should be done to help with this because it has a massive effect on mental health
  3. Im a confident outgoing guy crippled by blushing and hiding it and zero self esteem because of it its striped me of my life and making my life full of what could have beens because it determines everything i do aposed to everything i want to do
  4. Hey Old timer i can relate big time its horrible exactly the same situation as you i will also research more into Pyridostigmine as i cant afford ETS or i would 10000% do it tomorow nothing as helped me
  5. My experience dont use concealer or any makeup... sombody WILL notice it and that will destroy your self confidence even more
  6. Justme

    SGB injection

    Im interested in this as this is stil expensive but more affordable to me then ETS wish i could just get it done
  7. Never had a problem maintaining an erection but ejaculating... deffo takes you a long time on any antidepressant so if anybody struggles being premature antidepressant will 110% help
  8. Justme

    Ets finance

    £6000 is alot to me personally
  9. I have tryed effexor it helped but i would say paxil works best but being an antidepressant it effe ta everybody diffrently and can take weeks to work. i tryed beta blockers atenolol, propranolol antidepressants paxil paroxetine zoloft sertraline effexor venlaflaxine and lexapro all very similar far from a cure but helps very little but any help at all is at least a help. the beta blockers are a complete waste time
  10. Ahh man that sucks esspecially saving up and paying 2 times for the procedure... life can be cruel
  11. Couldnt agree with old timer anymore. effexor was ok when i tryed it far from a cure i wish i could afford ets id have it at a drop of a hat even tryed gambling to raise funds but to no avail. deffinatly robs you have the life you coulda had suffering from an overactive sympathetic nervous system
  12. Hi all anybody know any companys that provide finance in uk only way im going to be able to afford it , from what i can see it costs around £6000
  13. Gld to hear your doing so well Rosie happy for you. really wish i could afford get this done
  14. Seen it ages ago does she even go red? Is she taking the piss? And actir pretending maybe? Seems to have done her homework on how it feels and how it effects you just doesnt look like she suffers
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