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  1. Hi @blushnyc Great write up and good advice. Have you tried using Dr Jart cicapair tiger grass color correcting cream? It come in green cream but turns to beige colour to blend into your skin. Works good enough for me but i'm trying to get the correct layer amount without it being detectable. Interested in the Clonidine. Have never tried any medication for this so would need to do research on this a little. Thanks again
  2. Someone needs to create a rosacea dating website 🙂
  3. Hi @james30 Do you still flush with heat, excercise etc? Do the pills help with this also? Thanks
  4. Thanks for reply @hungryperson11 Reading back your posts really lifted my spirits. I ordered 3 versions NC 20,25,30. So hopefully one of them should suit my skin colour. Can you give me tips on your steps when applying this do you put moisturizer on first. On your post above you mention using a spray to set it. Is it easy to wash off at night do you just use face wipes. Also I assume if you touch your face it would smudge would it or stain your clothes. But wouldn't worry about that too much. Could always reapply. Thanks a million again
  5. hi @hungryperson11 Thanks very much for your post. It's great to hear this works as i have been looking for something that won't look like makeup. I have been using the tinted zincO suncreen which had good reviews from men saying it was unnoticeable. Tried it and it worked quite well but wasn't waterproof so was afraid if i sweat or it rained it would start to streak. So its good that you mentioned that the mac concealer is waterproof also. Do you need to cover your whole face with this or only the redness. Do you just cover your cheeks? Also would you mind taking a before and after photo with this on, just curious how invisible it looks. You can blank out the rest of your face to just show the redness. No worries if you don't feel comfortable doing this i understand. I'll give it a shot anything is worth a try. Also how long roughly does it take to apply as maybe i would not apply it everyday and just carry it with me so if i need i could nip to the toilets and put it on. It's amazing just having a product to carry with you can help immensely with your mind just by knowing that if anything happens you can cover it up puts ease on the mind. Also i should of noted i have rosacea so i mainly flush more than blush, main triggers heat and exercise. I presume the flush and blush are similar with the redness. I'm not expecting it to cover a full flush but would be happy if it concealed it by 30-40%. Thanks again man really appreciate your advice and for helping us men. Will def give this a try. Does the nc numbers indicate the colour. So which skin colour roughly is yours mine is not fully pale but slightly a shade darker. Will try the nc 15 to start off. Do you apply it with your finger or do you use a brush? Many thanks
  6. Hi Everyone Just joined the forum, great to have a community of people here to help one another out. Wondering if anyone has tried the Rhofade cream for kprf. Although it is marketed for rosacea was hoping it would help kprf. Heard its not as bad as mirvaso but still scared about the rebound. Its not available in europe yet which is a pity. I wouldn't plan on using it everyday only for special occasions etc. Its strange why some people get rebound and some get no rebound whatsoever using these products i guess it all comes down to luck. https://www.rhofade.com/ Thanks for any info.
  7. Hi David I created an account on here to thank you for this motivational post. It really put things into perspective. I have same kprf as you from the pic. It looks like you have a good beard line. Did you ever try growing beard to cover up the redness? Unfortunately my beard is patchy on one side for some reason so i'm unable to grow beard to cover it up. I've been reading about the vbeam. How much did it cost you and how many sessions did you need. Wondering how long it lasts too. If it reduces redness for awhile be worth it. Have you tried the rhofade cream yet that restricts the blood vessels on the face for 12 hours. There is stories of rebound redness happening with these products so im little hesitant to try it. Although its for rosacea it should work for kprf. (For years i believed i rosacea when in fact i had kprf which i never heard about before). Thanks again for this inspiring post, Like you say its really all in the head. If you dont mind about the flushing then there is less chance of it happening. Meditiation also helped me also. Cheers
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