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  1. I had it just before easter so had 6 days off work which was enough time. You'll feel sore and fatigued a few days after but no, i would say only a week max. I definitely believe exercising is an issue post op as your body needs time to heal. I would rest for a good few weeks. I've just emailed my surgeon today about my arms aching. Hoping it will subside as it's pretty bad at the mo.
  2. The side effects I've had so far is my feet getting a bit sweaty at times but I've also have had pretty bad muscle aches down my arms. it's something that has worried me but i read somewhere else though that this does ease off after a month or so. I can't really exercise at the moment which is a bummer but i'm going to to patient. I think you should prepare yourself for the emotions afterwards but it's normal. You have doubt, happiness, doubt again, anxiety but i think it should settle once you find out you no longer blush! I'm going to expose myself to those usually awkward/embarrassing situations. i can't wait to bump into someone unexpected in the supermarket! then I will know if it's worked. One thing I did was when I was feeling down after the op, I went onto the ets reversal forums but my advice is don't!! It will mess with your head. There are always going to be negative and positive outcomes but to only read the negative when you've just gone through the op, is a bad idea. this is the time when you need to be around positive people and read the success stories. Keep us updated with your journey and I will let you know how mine is going- it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had the op!
  3. Hi Nina, I had the surgery 2 weeks ago. T2 & T3 cut for facial blushing. Did you have any muscle aches? My arms are killing me. I read up it's the nerves. Apart from some CS in my feet, i haven't had any other side effects. BUT emotionally I don't think i'm dealing with it very well. I've had moments where I've questioned what i've done to my body and I'm not sure if it has worked. I think i've had phantom blushing episodes but now i'm waiting for the big trigger. i had a pocket sized mirror with me at all times so I can catch myself. i want to see if it has worked! then I think i'd feel better but right now i'm in limbo. The pain running up and down my arms is pretty intense. It's definitely the ETS surgery. I can't exercise at the moment. My chest still feels tight when i try to jog and yoga is a no no with how my arms are. I did feel pretty depressed and a bit fuzzy headed the past few days but I think that's because my anxiety has increased due to not knowing if the surgery has worked. I agree that I think seeing a therapist is a good idea as it's the anxiety that is the underlying cause of this issue. I'm going to expose myself to situations where I'd usually avoid. I definitely think confidence is a skill you learn so it's time to put myself out there, and see if the blushing has stopped. How are you now a month or so on?
  4. Hi roseiface, I had ETS surgery less than 2 weeks ago. You'll be fine. I've had very little sweating so far. Only side effect I've had is my achy arms but i'm hoping that will get better in time. I'm hoping to start exercising this week. The pain after the surgery isn't that bad. they give you lots of pain meds! and you'll have the stitches out in a week's time. again, that was pain free. I've had a couple of phantom blushing moments so now I've bought a little pocket sized mirror. I want to see the results of the surgery! I haven't had any major triggers yet but as soon as I get 1, I will be using that mirror to find out if it's really worked. I felt even more anxious after the surgery (which i think is normal) as you are desperate to find out if it's worked but at the same time you are scared in case it hasn't. BUT i'm pretty sure it has. It will all be worth it then.
  5. Dom

    ETS side effects

    Hello all, I had the ETS surgery less than 2 weeks ago for facial blushing- had T2 & T3 cut. I am now experiencing moderate pain in my arms. They feel achy, tender to touch. I am feeling distressed as I was hoping to go back to yoga this week but i don't feel as if my arms could take the stretching/pressure of the poses. I randomly get shooting pains down them too. I have read up that this is to do with the nerves being now damaged?
  6. Dom

    What's your job?

    Get a job that involves people. don't avoid it. be the first to speak etc. i'm having the surgery in a few weeks time. i wish it hadn't come to this but i know have the fear and i can't help but think about it all the time!
  7. Dom

    What's your job?

    I work on reception! as you can imagine there have been some awful episodes where I couldn't escape. i have ducked my head under the desk waiting for the blush to go down but it makes it worse and i look ridiculous! I also have to go along to meetings where there are 35 + confident people. i use to have a few drinks before i went in which is when I decided i had to go the surgery route as i couldn't carry on. The thing is the more you avoid the situation (jobs that involve hardly any people contact), the worse it gets. the less you think about blushing the more it disappears but you're always in a state of fight or flight all the time.
  8. I am getting the ETS surgery in a few weeks. People have tried different meds, counselling (cbt) etc but none of those worked for me. I also tried to 'expose' myself to the situations where i knew i would go red e.g being the 1st one to speak in a meeting, being the first 1 to strike up conversation at the check out till....this did in fact work (for a while..a good few years even) but then an episode happened and that was it. the fear of blushing was real! i do believe you can 'fake' confidence. no one is born confident, you learn how to be. How old are you? have you thought about meds? it's taken me years to get to this point but i've had enough so surgery it is!
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