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  1. That’s ashame .Have you found anything else that worked? It’s for a guy to wear and it can’t look like makeup . Clinique anti redness mineral powder works a bit if the redness isn’t too severe
  2. Yes . Good idea. People need support in trying things
  3. I’m interested to hear too. No one is replying which is disappointing
  4. I would be interested too in who else is taking 5HTP or griffonia . Also the whole connection between the flushing/blushing/ adrenal system/ hypothalamus etc is worth exploring. If you have KPRF with inflammation from that , any more blood flow to the face will make the redness worse. Connections with inflammation and histamine and prostaglandins is another area I want to look into
  5. I was really interested in comments about writing to doctors etc to make them the severity of this so called “harmless and benign”condition and the impact on the whole of your like, with the hope of more researchthe I read through with all that has been tried, and it is so sad that many things aren’t successful. In the last week I have decided to be more active and have written to some of the doctors who were part of a couple of studies that have been done on Keratosis. I explained what it is like for those with KPRF and the impact on the lives of those with it, and expressed the desire for more studies to be done. Both replied...One doctor is a research doctor who said they were planning more studies so they would consider doing more on KPRF The other is a dermatologist who is a director of an American hospital who replied to my 3 emails. He expressed his frustration that there was limited research into this problem and was interested that what I was expressing was just like a case of a 17 year he was trying to help. He was limited to trialling things that would improve the condition as much as possible and back g it up with the team of psychiatrists they worked with, though many patients refuse that help. He would pass on my desire for more research to his colleagues and sent me links to medical Journals. My aim is to write toany of the doctors who have written anything at all about KP, KPR, KPRF. It would be good to write but maybe we should work out a letter and agree what should be put on it to make our efforts more of a team effort and consistent in what we think needs to be done . Any one else written to someone and who?
  6. I would love to hear too whether it was working!!
  7. You are not the only one. There are others on other forums too!!
  8. Good to hear it is working. My friend uses 5 HTP for other reasons and so will be good to see if it works. Do you have KPRF as well? I can’t remember what I have read now with all the posts
  9. First post here. Do you all have KPRF as well as the blushing and flushing?
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