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  1. Over the past 7 years that I have dealt with FB I have found these things help reduce it significantly: 1. Don't drink any fruit juices such as apple or orange juice. 2. Excersize in the evening (excersising in the morning increases circulation and so increases risk of FB) 3) apparently cantaloupe is great for normalising the heart beat to reduce the social anxiety and so may reduce fear of FB 4) avoid alcohol (I know this one is hard especially in social situations). If you are going to drink, do so when everyone else is about to get pissed so they won't care about your blushing and you will be too drunk to car 5. Using green colour corrector/moisturiser under my powder. If you put bronzer over the top it still works and stops you from looking terminally ill 6. Avoid tea and coffee Hope these help although you all probably know most of these. If you have any tips please tell me
  2. I will try and I know that really I should just tell my family about it. It's just hard when my sister is extremely social and outgoing but I'm just gonna brave the situation. Thank you
  3. I'm a l6 yo girl and struggle with blushing. I never used to get social anxiety but as soon as blushing started to happen I get really nervous that it might occur.
  4. I have been suffering from chronic since I was 8 years old. The first memory I have of it is when I had to hold an object up infront of my class at school. It was a special day at school and so the teacher was taking photos of us. And of course because everyone was looking at me I went bright red in the face, not a cute little blush, a full blown tomato, red in the face. Everyone laughed at me. But what made this worse is that the teacher printed off everyone's photos and handed them around the class so that everyone could write a caption for them on the back. When I got it back the teacher had obviously tried to scratch off some of the nasty comments but I could still read them. For a while the blushing was less servire. But at the age of 13 it started up again. If my friends would hug me I would go bright red. I'm on my first try at combating the redness. At the moment I am using green concealer on my face everyday underneath my power. I never used to wear makeup as I am not self contious about my appearance and I am not shy. But because I've been wearing it every single day for almost a year now, my skin is spotty and in really bad condition. This isn't helped by the fact that I'm a 16 year old girl with hormones making spots worse. And so my self confidence is really decreasing. My sister and my best friend are both so good about it. I have never spoken to them about it but they ignore my blushing, don't point it out and move the attention away from me when they see it's happening. It's an unspoken agreement. Anyways I was just wondering what you guys suggest is the best treatment or way to go about it. I'm scared to try the 'exposing' method but if it has worked for you then maybe I should try?
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