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  1. UK, I am currently talking to my gp. Is your ets going to be on nhs?
  2. good luck with ets, yeah mine started randomly at school, did you have a trigger?
  3. Hey, the main problem for me is blusing\flushing, I don't have rosacea.
  4. This sounds like a good idea, excessive blushing is not recognised enough. Good luck with your project!
  5. aw I'm sorry, that sounds extremely hard. your sister and best friend sound really lovely tho, most people like to tease someone who turns red. I am also scared to try the exposing method, people always say you should go out of your comfort zone however, if I have a bad blushing experience it just knocks my confidence further. Have you tried taking any medication or tried out any kind of therapy?
  6. thank you, very well put, you are completely right
  7. That does sound annoying but its not about the appearance of it for me, its just the fact people notice as I go from white to red
  8. Im pretty sure its blushing because flushing is due to illness or temperature and usually lasts for longer
  9. thank you, that is completely true. I wouldn't mind if I had rosacea, its just the fact that I go from white to red in a conversation so it is noticeable
  10. Yeah, flushing is due to illness/temperature and blushing is due to emotion
  11. Its from social anxiety mainly, so yeah ig stress and nerves
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