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  1. I have been on paxil for a short while and it has helped somewhat but i am still getting hot flushes and panic attacks where i break out in a hot flush and sweat / blushing. I know that paxil is a ssri. Will a snri such as effexor work better for these symptoms? Any suggestions and advice is greatly appreciated
  2. Hi @Beetroot how is effexor going. I have sent you a PM btw.
  3. Has anyone tried paxil for blushing or flushing. Aswell as other anxiety symtoms like shaking in public etc.. much appreciated
  4. As the question says, anyone had success with effexor? How does it make you feel? Side effects? Works for blushing? How do u feel being cener of attention? Elaborate. Thank you
  5. Hi befree, thanks for your detailed reply it is appreciated by so many more people than you'd think. Glad to hear ets has been a success for you. So thats almost 3 years now I was just wondering.. i know cs can be bad due to heat nd humidity but how about excercise. Not just walking but like intense running. I know it is different for everyone but how is it for you. Thanks again
  6. @mugsy @Befree and everyone else who posted here (sorry i forgot many of the names while scrolling all 22 pages) How are you doing now. I am looking to get ets surgery here in the uk. The bad stories are such a turnaway so its nice to hear some good ones also anyone else who had ets how are you doing now.
  7. Deleted whatsapp a while back but i will update with my snapchat in a few minutes
  8. Oh no that sounds good do you mind if i make a new account as the old was my real name and i wouldnt want everyone on the forum to see lol. ill make one now
  9. Those are interesting subjects, im quite interested in similar things like our bodies and how they work etc. Im not really sure if im passionate about any specific career anymore tbh. I just hope to have normal things like being able to be social again, have a gf or a wife in the future. Be active and healthy. Things so many people take for granted lol
  10. Yeah same here the whole under pressure from parents thing is another huge problem. And in all honesty, i really dont know. I really want to do something with my life but i just cant see that happening without me taking away my blushing/social anxiety atleast to an extent. Be it with medication or ets. What about yourself? Also what would you like to be doing and aspiring for if you didnt have blushing and social anxiety.
  11. Not really tbh, i sort of just faded away from all my friends and my family doesnt seem to have quite clocked on that something is "obviously" going on with me. How bout you
  12. Did any of those work to some extent? Havent used effexor yet and i know the ETS have many horror stories but i feel like id rather take a chance to live somewhat of a life. Life pretty much cant get anymuch worse and if it does then i can accept that knowing i lwas bad before either way. Hope you can find something that works if you feel surgery is too extreme
  13. Sorry to hear it didnt help. Im hearing effexor is quite good. Social life is non existant. I had to quit education, my job in a cafe, talking with anyone including family. Its real sad considering i miss all these things and used to be somewhat confident. Also bearing in mind that this is a social world and it is a huge inhibition to have social anxiety
  14. About to try effexor and am trying to go for ets on nhs. What have you tried?
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