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    Had right side palmar sympathectomy performed in 2011 in UK. Nerves were severed. No way back. Was not given a choice at the time and I had blind and desperate faith in the surgeon. right side of body suffers terribly in the cold weather. I sleep on my right side with a electric blanket else to cold. In summer I sleep with my dog to my right side and I lay on a sheepskin rug as my right side does not warm cotton sheets. i feel much more confident shaking hands with my cold and arthritic right hand. I use my hot sweaty left hand as a heat pad on my right face limbs torso feet: basically I use my left limbs to warm my right. I suffer tightness in muscles on right side only. Even my penis is colder on the right side. My confidence with sexual partners is as low as ever. One important change is I no longer suffer the extremes of social anxiety. people can be very cruel and even when they don’t mean to be a look of disgust can be hard to deal with emotionally. if I had my time again I would have carried on with sweaty hand, got Psychotherapy and chose the right friends based on their acceptance of me asi was. i now choose and keep friends based on their acceptance of me how they experience me. It’s inportant to be oneself and take risks in what we share with others. All only my opinion ❤️
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