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  1. Hi Janyl, I would definitely recommend the doctor. According to his website, He graduated from uni in Turkey. He did the master in UK. He said he has done over 2000 ETS, when i contacted him first. He also said his success rate is over 95% but this is because he is selective as sometimes he doesn't find the patient fit for ETS. In my case he did recommend me to use the medicines first (not because he thought the surgery won't be successful but he knew i will have extra sweating ) and he tried to talk me out of the surgery because of CS. In the end He got me to sign a paper that i thoroughly understood the circumstances of CS. I am not sure if i am allowed to give his name out here but just in case i am, ilhan Akaslan his name. Look for him on Internet unfortunately his website is in Turkish but he must be fluent in English (I assume so as he is done his master in UK ) . His number is 0090 532 343 99 89. He is on whatsapp.
  2. Hi James40, Surgery didn't affect my fitness. In fact because of my extra weights and i know it may cause extra sweating in summer, i get a better motivation and do not skip the gym. I still go the gym 2 or 3 times a week but i do more cardio exercises than muscle building (it is more boring but hey). Apart from my face and my hands, anywhere else on my body sweat. (my back and my groin excessively)
  3. Hi Scarface, My hands are certainly a lot drier than before. It does bother me time to time when i need to count money (because of work i do this a couple times of day) or need to grab a piece of paper out of a stack but doesn't even come to my mind rest of the time. I was fully aware of this prior the ETS and I accepted happily in exchange of my life. You may be right about CS. I remember my doctor calling it Reflex Sweating not CS and as long as it stays at this level i am 100% OK with it. I remember one day at work i made a miscalculation of a bill and took the wrong payment so i started to recalculate again and my colleague realized it and started to stare at what i was doing. Even though i wasn't even looking at her i knew she was watching, my head started to burn, i blushed and my face started to sweat. The thoughts in my head at that moment, OMG i just wanted to take my head of from my body and put it in a fridge...So i prefer to sweat from any other part of my body but not my head. I am looking forward for summer and I am on the way to loose a lot of weight before. The only things downs me sometimes that i need to stop lifting. That was strictly from the doctor. No more muscle i am allowed to build.
  4. Hello Everyone. First of all, All the stories i read hear, feels like I wrote every single one of them. I wanted to share my ETS surgery experience so it might help other people. I am 40 years old male (dark skin) and i have suffered FB more than 20 years which most of these years i wasn't aware of it. I knew in some certain situations, i was going hot above neck (like a hell) then after start sweating above the neck and eventually blushing but i did not care for a long time. it was momentarily and i took as a challenge as a very confident guy. I was outspoken, self confident, not afraid of talking in front of people. My problem started to hurt me when i started to care about my blushing and the more i hurt and worried the more i blushed and finally started to avoid meetings, long conversations, even prayed not to see someone i know, surprisingly somewhere. i had scenarios in my head for every situation. Anyway you know the rest. So i tried CBT (I want to point out here if one of the new blushers read this, it will make them more discouraged about getting rid of their FB. Reading these forums breaks your heart and hinder your FB even more as you come to conclusion that there is no cure for it apart from the Surgery.) CBT did not work. Telling people about my problem did not cool down my head and stopped my facial sweating and blushing. I could not control it. It was simple as that. My head start heats up first, a little bit sweat afterwards and boom. Even slightest (sometimes not even thinking) thinking about it. So i decided to go under the ETS surgery. I am originally from Turkey but i live in UK. I wanted to get the surgery done in Turkey as i thought it should be a lot cheaper than UK (it was actually 5 times cheaper than UK. Whole surgery cost me £1,000 including spending the night in hospital. £200 for flights and £120 for 2 night in a hotel after the surgery). I started to search the doctor about 3 months before the surgery and i came across this guy who had a good reputation in Turkish blogs regarding Excessive sweating and FB. So i called him and explained my problem. His first question was my weight and my height. (190 cm and 102 kg) (6'2", apx 205lbs or 15.5 stone). On our very first conversation he told me 'i am to tall and have to much fat that will cause CS' He said the surgery will cure you FB but you are going to sweat as hell. He explained further, being big guy gives your body hard time as it has a lot more space to cool down therefore you sweat more and if i was to go under surgery my top part of body wasn't going to sweat at all therefore the rest of will sweat even more. (i tried to explained that i was heavy not because i was fat but i was a bodybuilder and i have quite a bit muscle. He said it is even worst as muscles needed to cool down more than fat and i was gonna sweat as hell) This was my first conversation and i was disappointed because i was hoping i might be one of those lucky guys and avoid CS after the surgery. He said no chance 'You are going to sweat alot because you are tall, fat/muscly'.........Hmmmmmmmm what do i do now. CS or FB (or even worst both) I told him i live in UK and 10 out of 12 months not even hot here so i should be fine right!!! He was going at it full. He said it is actually humidity cause CS not the dry hot and i was living one of the most humid island in the world!!!! I guess he wanted me to understand the side effects of the surgery and he was being very successful. So my decision was to have the surgery despite the CS. Cuz i knew i could not live with FB anymore. It was really at that point i was not enjoying ANYTHING in my life. Really miserable that i could not explain it here. My surgery planned to take place on 11th of September 2017. i booked my ticket and flew to Istanbul 1 day before. He told me to meet him 9am in the morning to get some checks before the surgery and not eat or drink anything. So i did and meet in his office. He further warned me that i will have CS and it is in some situation is worst than FB if i was accepting it he was going to do the surgery. So 1st he sent me to Dermatologist and than Psychologist ( I will explain if anyone wants to know why but it will take another 2 pages) than i have my Lungs x-rayed to see it is not stuck to my back muscles as they make your lungs collapse during the surgery. Everything seemed OK i and i was in the surgery room by 2 pm same day. According to him i was in there for 40 minutes. When i opened my eyes, i was absolutely fine. I can't remember any pain as others implied here for the lungs or anywhere else. They took me my private room. And i fell asleep again but remembering waking up with stinking pain on my both sides. It was so unbearable i had to call the nurse to get me some more painkillers then i fell asleep again till someone came to wake me up the next day to get my Lungs x-rayed again to see it is all OK. So basically he did ETS operation on my both sides and clamped my T2 and T3 nerves. I was discharged from hospital around 2pm the next day after the operation. i was OK but still had side pains that i couldn't walked too much. So i checked in to my hotel room and went straight to bed pretty much rest of the day. Next day i was much better again i can't remember too much my lungs were being ache but my sides was still in pain. I was told take paracetomol and ibrufen to ease down the pain after the surgery. Now after the surgery; i know it was the 1st day day but i could not sweat on my face anymore and i wasn't going hot above my neck and i knew if don't feel the hot as soon as the feeling triggered i wouldn't have blushed. I couldn't even if i wanted to. Seriously....Such a relief OMG after all the stress and hell i was going through, believe you me it was such good feeling. To make sure i put myself in silly situation that used to make me blush. Nope! no more blushing for me. I talked to people, made silly jokes, even tried to be center of the attention in hotel, nothing made my top side hot or sweaty. It was miracle. I was so happy with the results so far (after 1 day) September means Istanbul is hot as anything (35 C degree when i was there) so i wanted to check my CS so on the 2nd day i took a walk from hotel the some sightseeing areas. It was funny i did not dropped a single sweat when i was walking all the way to the harbour but as soon as i sat down to eat something i started to sweat like a pig. OMG it was a very weird feeling as i have never sweated this way before (kinda wet sweat) and my shorts was completely wet when i stood up to pay my bills but i couldn't care less TBH. I was blush free. so i came home on my 3rd day. My CS was too much at the beginning but it is now little bit calmed down. Mainly i sweat right between my chest, my back and my legs. My hands and my face is now sweat free :). I realized i sweat more if i think about it more and if i am stressful. This is different kinda sweat as i mentioned earlier. I sweat all my life moderately (maybe a tad more) but it used to dry if waited a bit or calm down. This sweat does not dry for some reason. Maybe because i am sweating more than before but it really feels weird. Now we are through January, i haven't sweated very excessively last 2 months because of the weather was mainly cold. Only 2 months ago i caught a cold or something, Jesus, every night i was changing 2 or 3 vest, even some night beddings and my pillow cases (but it was similar before the op. I tend to sweat a lot when i got cold but definitely this time twice more.) All in all i am waiting for the hot weather to really see how my CS will be and i can share with you when that time comes. Meanwhile i am blush free. I got my life back. Enjoying every second of it. It is one of the best decision i made. The beginning, Operation and after the operation went very smooth thanks to God. I can easily suggest anyone who is suffering from FB. If you think that you tried everything and still have it, don't waste any day of your life suffering. It is not worth it. Your days you are suffered are not gonna come back. There is nothing to be afraid of. The technology is quite high these days. Talk to a professional and ask for a help. I wish you all the best and hope that you can get rid of this disaster ASAP.
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