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  1. Hi Dom, I'm sorry that I didn't see you message before now. I feel just the same after the surgery. Like I had inflicted something really hurtfull on my body, and I felt a lot of sorrow. But As I hope you have experienced by know - its gets better. and the sadness goes aways. I think its just overwhealming in the beggining. How are you doing now? I didn't have any pain in my arms though. Just my chest, but I started running a week after surgery and then the pain went away. is it better for you now? I'm doint really great thanks. I wrote a post about it just now
  2. Update 4 months after the surgery: Time for me to make an update. :-) Blushing: All gone. no fear. Cured. Sweating: On hot somerdays I experience sweating on my back, stomack, under my armpits and on my feet. It sucks ofcourse, but you know, it can be fixed. I can sit in the shadow, wear clothes that are light but where the sweat dont show so easily, and also my doctor prescriped me some pills called Ercoril that actually helps quiet a lot. If I make sure to take them the right ways, I fell like I sweat just the same as everybody else. I noticed that when it sweat the most its always due to emotional causes. Like when my boss suddenly calls me on my phone or I worry about others seeing me sweat, then I have excessive sweating, which makes me think, that anxiety is the underlying cause, and it also was for the blushing. When I feel good I barely sweat. So I keep working on my mental health by running a lot, meditating and maintaining good relationships around be. How I feel: Not desperate anymore like with the blushing. I feel challenged sometimes on hot days with the sweating but its not a constant problem like with the blushing, and I can look forward to some relaxing days when the weather is a bit cooler, and ofcourse I have half a year in winter where sweating wont be a problem. So in sum: a hell of a lot better than before. I even started dating, which I had totally given up before. Thoughts on the blushing condition and why ECTS can be a solution: As i wrote I now believe that anxiety is the underlying cause for both the blushing and the excessive sweating. Its a human fundamental condition to feel anxiety. Its a natural element in our lives. We wouldn't survive long without it. Life is a blessing but also contains a lot of stress and pain that will trigger anxiety in all of us. Some people react to emotional storms with a very physical response. Like blushing or and sweating. Where others respond by overthinking excessively, by being afraid of bacteria ( OCD), by being afraid og being sick ( Hypocondria), by worring about having to plan everything ahead of them ( general anxiety) ect. Some of us have the the awesome combination of blood vessels very close to the skin or very active sweat glance, and a tendency to have a strong physical response to feelings of stress, emotional storms and anxiety. As we experience the embarrasment of our feelings basicly leaking out of our skin for everyone to see, we start fearing anxiety itself. Because if where afraid it will show. And there we go - never ending circle begun. My point is that I was caught up, like so tired, from fighting blushing that I had no way out of that circle - not even therapy could help me. It was to ingrained in my response sets because blushing had been my shadow for 10 years up til now. But Im and adult now, and I know so much more, and I can deal with sweating because its not ingrained in my identity. I can talk about my fears with my friends. I'm not ashamed about saying " ahh its hot I need to cool down". People dont think Im crazy when I say I sweat a lot and Im afraid to sweat through. I recognize anxity and knows how not to be caught up in it and how to calm my self. Call someone. meditate. run. For me the change of symptoms was what I needed. However I do need to point out that If i lived in a country where its was warmer ( I'm from denmark) I don't think I would have done it. When its about 25-26 degres celcius ( which is the maxium temperature in DK) I'm not comfortable with going outside unless Im at the beach so I can cool down. Also I would recommend everyone having the surgery in the winter time, because you will experience some strange sweating in the beginning. And also combine the change with a bit therapy to get a good start on things. Well that is for now, peace out !
  3. Hi RoseiFace, I can relate to every word you write. I'm 23 and had the ETS done 40 days ago. It was the best thing I have ever done. I am so happy and at ease with myself now. I hope that you will have similar results. Just be positive and dont freak out If you have some weird sweating or shivering experiences just after. Your body is adapting to the changes within. In the beginning I would wake up in the night all sweaty that dosn't happen anymore. I sweat some but its no problem compared to blushing. Good luck to you !
  4. 40 days after surgery update: Blushing: None. CS: Some. Sweating always on my feet, and sometimes under my armpits. I just need to shower everyday but its no problem. How I feel: Better than ever. ETS was the best thing I have ever done. Thoughts on therapy: I was in therapy for blushing for half a year, only to feel better for 3-4 months and then back to square one. After the surgery I have seen a therapist three times to get some cooping skills for the sweating, and now I dont need therapy anymore. I cant remember when I last felt so at ease. I will keep updating peace out !
  5. I'm glad to answer so we can do the research that the doctors don't do. :-) I still flush yes ! But it is less intense and most of the times it disappear really quickly, because no more heat rushes to my face because of blushing, so the heat/redness actually has a change to evaporate. But then again flushing was never really a big problem for me before the surgery either.
  6. Thanks and I Will make sure to keep posting ? Yes my surgeon said I was a good candidate because I’m skinny, excercise regularly, eat a lot vegtables, and I don’t smoke anymore. I partysmoked some before but not anymore. I drink sometimes yes and I have also noticed that the sweating is worse the day after, but it’s okay because it’s legit to stay home an relax after a night out . So I guess I’m pretty healthy all in all . I have also tried avoiding sugar after the surgery to give my body the best conditions to work under. However as a student I can’t go without my dayly overdoses of coffee which increased the swearing a bit too - but that’s okay.
  7. Hi there, Its 25 days since I had the surgery.
  8. Hi TerryKof, Its going really great thanks ! I'm not sure I'm really comprehending the change that has happened to me, but I have noticed that my anxiety levels have dropped severely. I dont get a beating heart when someone approached me as I did before. I'm still figting a habit of not taking the word in a conversation because I would blush before, but Im working on that, because it feel amazing every time I do it, and I can feel that I'm not blushing. I dont feel like a major relief kind of experience .. I feel more like a soldiers that has returned from war and kind of just want some peace and quiet for a change. But my therapist says that perfectly natural. She experiences that people who have battled cancer dont neccesarily feel happy but are more like sad and really exhausted, I guess thats how I feel. However I still find it hard to talk about! and I think I need to talk about it. I forced myself to tell a friend about yesterday - the years of suffering and the surgery - and I guess I could take some emotional distance to the story, because I used a psychologist approach to explaining what has happened to me ( Im studying psychology) and hi does to... But still its like I dont think he really got it. But Im glad I did it anyways because I dont want to let any part of blushing control what I say or do anymore. The CS is not too bad. I sweat sometimes doing the night, but then I just lift the blanket to air out and take a shower in the morning. Doing the day I mostly sweat a lot on my feet and some under my armpits. But its not bothering me. I just dont wear tight blouses in colors anymore which is fine :-) So all in all Im really happy I did the surgery. It was the right thing for me. Thanks for asking,
  9. Hi skriim, Im sorry that it didn't work for you. I hope that CS will reduce over time. I do have CS too, but I'm working on not thinking about it. Because I have noticed that when I train my mind in staying of the sweating and not checking if Im sweating all the time, I actually dont feel sad about it. It only bothers me, when my thoughts keep returning to like " Oh Im I sweating now".. " How much am I gonna sweet now".. or " I can't go to a dancing class, because I will sweat too much..".. I have noticed that its like with blushing. If I dont to things, because I know I will sweat ( like before I knew I would blush speaking in front of a group of people) then I'll worry even more and get sad about life. If I just do it and dont think about it to much, I seriously sweat less, and when I sweat Im like " So what its just salty water.."... I gonna join a group therapy in metacognitive therapy next month -- You dont talk about you emotions, you just learn how to regain control over your thoughts. Maybe that would be something for you too? How you tried beta blockers?
  10. Hi there, Its hard to say. You are quiet young for the surgery. Thinking back I'm glad that it didn't succeed at getting the surgery when I was a teen ( I wanted it really badly) mostly because the side effects of the surgery can be severe, and when you grow older you develop better copping skills, and looks matter less. Also.. I'm sorry about this point - it's so annoying.. As a teen your hormone levels a really high, and because of the development taking place in the emotional centers in your brain, ( Im studying psychology thats why I know this) will cause you to be more sensitive to other people's opinion and critiques. Making blushing worse.. But that will change for you. It will get better. If your brave enough tell your parent or someone close to you about it. Share with them some of these stories online, so they understand how severe this is for you. And then I would advice u to bring this person with you to see your doctor ( for emotional support), and try to get at combination of beta blockers ( they take the edge of the blushing) and psycho therapy. As you are so young I think you should work with your mindset towards blushing, and then when you get older, you can always consider the surgery. Thats just my advice. Be strong
  11. I had by surgery done at Mølholm private hospital in Denmark, the surgeon is really competent!
  12. Update: 13 days since ETS Blushing: I dont blush. Im 100 % certain. I feel this wierd tingle feeling that others have described, when I'm in a blushing situation, but then nothing happens. I feel no rush of heat. And I look perfectly pale afterwards. CS: I do have some CS. I have some troubles staying warm because of the extra sweating, but its not really a problem. The problem is just that im starting to transfer my checking/worrying habits from blushing to sweating. But Im gonna start therapy tomorrow, so I can quit that habbit even before it becomes a thing. Because honestly its not a problem. yes I sweat a bit more under my armpits and my feet, but with the right clothes its no problem. When I excersice I sweat a lot more on my chest and back but its natural to sweat when you work out, and I see people around me sweet just as much or even more. My hands a dry, but I love it! I have an uge to hold hands with people, because I love that my hands are so varm and dry. I feel like and old lady though when I have to lick my fingertips to turn the pages in my book haha - not a problem either. Thoughts about going through with ETS: I realize now after doing ETS that in my case anxiety might have been the real problem. Not that I think I would have blushed much less if I didn't have anxiety- thats just my body's way of communicating - , but its the severe fear of looking a fool in front of others thats the real problem for me. I mean, If I blushed by myself in my room, I didn't feel scared maybe just a bit uncomfterble, but blushing in front of others felt ( especially people close to me) I felt this intense fear of them judging me somehow. I think its the worrying tendency ( in my case) thats the problem. And I have to deal with that in therapy. However that being said, when you been alone with an intense fear, like many of ud "blushers" have for many many years, you get to a point where fear is ruling and you just need a way out. I which that my parents had noticed that I was suffering earlier, or that my doctor had taken me seriously when I told her at 16 that everyday I was batteling an intense fear of blushing. I which that I had been brave enough to seek out counseling earlier, og that I had told my friends about my fear sooner. But it couldn't do any of that, because I felt so alone, and also I felt like a freak, because other people did not fear blushing the way I did. I was afraid to tell people about it, because I didn't want them to think I was mental. And thats the real curse about this condition. I suffered for 10 years, and it got to a point where I actually started feeling a bit mental. I think most people will if they go about with any fear thats always present alone for many years. So for me I think to have a dignified life at this point I had to go through with ETS. You cant change the past, but I dealt with my present and future the best way I could, and the sweat will be the scars I carry. It might even fell meaningless without it. My point is, that if you haven't suffered that long, then maybe it your brave enough therapy could be a way out. I think its the long, lonesome suffering thats the real problem. And that just my opinion, as someone who dont have severe fear of blushing anymore.
  13. I think its possible yes! When I stayed at a folk-school on Zanzibar for four months ( when I was 21) I did not blush at all. And I used to blush many times a day before. I believe that two changes made that possible for me. One was indirect. I believe that my intense blushing anxiety was caused by a trauma experience especially linked to school settings, and home-settings inside. On the folkschool I spend all days outside in the sun only with natural lightening, and with the fresh air always accompanying me, and that caused my anxiety to go away completely. The other was a direct choose to be that girl who voluntered to be a front figure. I voluntered to be a part of commities, to talk in front of everyone, and raise my hand in class ( which was outside as well). All in all I did not blush. And I didn't blush for some months after either, when I godt back home. So yes I think its possible in the right setting, but it takes a lot of effort and bravery.
  14. Yes! my sister blush and gets easily flushed. However she's seems to be less bothered by it than I have been. I know my mum was a blusher to when she was younger. However, now that she is almost 62 it dosnt happen to her annymore. So yes hereditary in my case to. And I wonder about that to Big Red!
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