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  1. ktekinow

    Clamping vs Cutting

    Wanted to hear your opinions guys or experiences about clamping or cutting the nerve. I don't sweat but have a really severe blushing from since I can remember. When I asked about ETS from one of the clinics then doctor's secretary got me back with a response : "Following our experience, we now advise the new procedure of “Clamping the Sympathetic chain” instead of the older technique of “cutting the nerve”. The difference and the advantages of the new technique are particularly beneficial in case of blushing and hyperhidrosis of the face. "
  2. The reason why the thought of having kids is scaring me is because I will pass on my genetics to my children and they will most likely having blushing problem as well. Depends of the other partner as well but they will have some of my genetics so ya. I don't know if I want my children to go through the same thing I did.
  3. After reading this forum for a whole now I can relate to you guys so much, I have the same issues you all are facing in terms of blushing and anxiety but I was wondering if you guys also have problems with this burning sensation, heat, flush in face. Not always blushing but dealing with this blood boiling in face feeling, no change in skin color though. I've noticed that I usually have this after I masturbate and it usually lasts for days until it gets slightly better, doesn't completely go away though. I think it has something to do with my hormones so I've been wondering if ETS is a cure to that too. If anyone knows what I'm talking about then share with me.
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