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  1. Hi all, it's Princess Sarah, used to come on here most days when I was 15... now 21 I'm still battling along. My only real 'medication' is my thick foundation that I routinely put on daily and it really is a chore. It still effects me a lot. I get down a lot about covering my face in foundation and I can't see anyone without it on.Me and my boyfriend had a big row about it today after staying at his house (he still lives with parents and I don't feel comfortable without no make-up on there) So, I've bought a Stop Blushing hypnosis download track and started that today... even though it makes me nod off a bit which surely shouldn't be right and I'm tempted to just get ETS done and hope for the best. I'm seriously fed up with it. I did come across this website though and this pill... Any thoughts on it? Sounds too good to be true imo http://eredicane.com/index.html PS x
  2. Hi there all, I've been researching into V Beam and out of everything for Facial Blushing it sounds most promising. I am having trouble finding clinics in the UK and was wondering if anyone could recommend someone? Thanks
  3. Hiya VickyGirl very good to hear from you. I think what you said about always being a blusher but not really being aware of it till a later age made me realise that I think I've actually been a blusher all my life too! Always had really red cheeks etc. But completely agree with you, us blushers are amazingly emphathetic... I'd never let a friend feel put out or anything, which makes me a great friend. Only thing I need to put aside is the people pleasing part to complete strangers at least - so tiring!
  4. Sorry it's not exactly off-topic but couldn't fit in any other section. I remember being, as a child, quite happy and I always had friends. I used to make people laugh, be a bit daring and get into trouble. Now it's difficult because when I experience some type of extreme emotion I do go red on my face and chest and it makes me avoid doing things like that in the future. I sometimes think that if I didn't have FB as a 10 year old how would I be different. Would I be more outgoing? Would I have more friends? Would I have accompolished more? Would love to hear your stories.
  5. I'm assuming you want pictures of when we're red? Here's a picture of me flushed but it's an identical pattern when I blush apart from my chest goes the same colour too. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v114/SarahLouLuvsU/RED.bmp
  6. I've always been a poser... Well, since I'm 18...
  7. As I tend not to be on here much, if at all, I guess some of you still remember me. The 13 year old girl desperate to sort her blushing out! Obviously a tad older and wiser of course Feel free to add me, http://www.myspace.com/sarahlouluvsu
  8. This made me feel sick to the stomach. I really don't understand. What's so wrong with testing on humans? If they are so desperate for cosmetics to be tested I'd do it, and I'm sure others would too.
  9. Hey Jorel, congratulations!! I rarely go on here these days! MySpace is my new thang haha. Hope you and everyone are doing just great!
  10. Just a quick return, since I checked my e-mails and found a new private message. Hope you all are doing fantastic and are sticking to them new years resolutions... I am :roll: haha. My life is still great. I now have a boyfriend of 6 months and go out everyday. I'd love to chat to you people sometime. I have MSN/MySpace - if interested send me a private! Sarah
  11. I have two books for sale - one called 'Coping with Blushing' the other 'Panic, Anxiety & Phobias'. I know advertising is not permitted by Ed, so if you are interested I could private message you the item numbers. Both are starting from rather low bids as I don't need these books anymore and I know you guys would benefit most. Princess Sarah
  12. redcowboy you know nothing about me and my past. Why the hell would you predict who I am just by my age? That's bollocks. I am a severe blusher - from my face to my stomach - tell me how I do not qualify for a chronic blusher? You rather live your life finding some materialistic cure... What's so wrong with changing your thoughts? Only you have made your blushing an issue, in your own mind. May be you should start there... Why not go to the gym when you blush? Why socially disable yourself simply because you really do care what people think. Repatterning your thoughts can make you "grow" out of it no matter what age. What about the saying "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"? My dog's 11 and is still learning, which is why I believe people are never to old to learn.
  13. Since leaving this website, as contradictory as I may be for returning just this once, my blushing hasn't been better. I don't care. My worst time was when I was addicted to this site... Frequently returning upto 20 times+ each day. I had no social life and covered myself in make-up. It's all changed. I'm not saying leave this website because it's of my personal choice to have done so. Enjoy the real things in life. Blushing isn't as bad as you think. Take a look around, smell the roses. Life can be excellent if you want it to be. Only you can make it how you want it. Be around good people: friends, family, work colleages. Tell yourself you are beautiful everyday because if you don't believe it, no one else will. I love my life now. I'm strong and don't care what others think. I am a beautiful person with a lot to give. Put blushing to the back of your mind, this website only reminds you of it daily which in result increases your blushing - it did for me. If I blush, I can stop it from developing because it's at the back of my mind. I hope you can take some note of this. The one and only Princess Sarah :wink:
  14. Hello - just back again to post a few pictures of my last ever day at school. A camera with a flash and I don't look pale - success! Cheerio!
  15. Oh mr mouse you are so funny I am in tears of floods reading your highly intelligent quips that pleases every user reading them... Good job. Anyway on a serious note, thanks to all you civil ESFBers good luck with all your progress.
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