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  1. Thank you so very much!! I will contact my doctor. ??
  2. Hey! Those of you that have done the surgery and have CS. Does the sweat run constantly or just in the same situations as when feks in a social setting? I have extreme sweating under arms (all day) and hands and face in all kinds of social settings. It is driving my insane to deal with. Im more and more anti social because of this. Loosing friends loosing relstionships. I think I want now (after years of thinking) go ahead and do the surgery. So nervous about CS though.. Waiting for replies in gratefulness.
  3. Hey! New in here, but an old blusher, sweater(face, armpits, hands). Anybody in here who knows where the best place to go in Norway?.. Im so tired of living like this. Loosing friends and relationships due to this.. Best regards
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