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    Sweatier reacted to blushingman in Botox-Like Lotion Being Tested: No Needles Needed   
    Found an other link: http://www.sweathelp.org/hyperhidrosis-treatments/medications/170-media-contacts/319-new-lotion-is-like-botox-but-without-needles.html 
    This was from 2016, so it looks like there hasn´t been any progress ....
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    Sweatier reacted to IJR in Hyperhidrosis   
    Hi Sweatier.  Some people use botox injections for underarm sweating.  There are also topical and oral medications, and last but not least iontophoresis.  This apparently can be very effective for hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet in particular.

    In terms of eBooks, I like to read eBooks about positive thinking and reducing anxiety, because undoubtedly anxiety can sometimes make hyperhidrosis worse.

    I love natural remedies too, but unfortunately have not found anything helpful for hyperhidrosis.

    It might be an idea to visit your doctor about your condition if you have not done so already.  Best of luck.
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    Sweatier reacted to sweatymcsweat in I'm cured! (my story and solution)   
    After abstaining from taking Choline bitartrate with my Piracetam for several months, I decided to try it again as they're supposed to have a synergistic effect on each other.

    I can say now, about two weeks after I started taking both on an every other day basis, that the Choline bitartrate was NOT causing the sweating to return. It was a combination of some residual stress from February, along with hotter than normal spring/summer temperatures that seemed to be the cause of it.

    So I now stand by my original "cure" of Piracetam & Choline bitartrate together.
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    Sweatier reacted to sweatymcsweat in I'm cured! (my story and solution)   
    I'd like to start off by saying that while this has been a complete and total cure for me, I have no idea if it will work for anybody else. I have a friend who will be trying it because he suffers from armpit hyperhydrosis, but has no apparent anxiety.
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    Sweatier reacted to monaco20 in I'm cured! (my story and solution)   
    I have had severe sweating for the last 18 years . I am now 58 .I don't have anxiety. The sweating is all over my  body , Sometimes I have to change clothes 3-4 times a day. My hair is kept short because it's always drenched. I wear water proof makeup. sometimes ,it actually stays on. It can be snowing ,and, I'll be soaked with sweat.  It's so embarrassing . When I'm out , people will come up to me to ask if I'm ok , if there is something they can do to help . I've even had people say that they thought I was on drugs. I'm going to try what you recommended . I'm desperate and willing to try anything .I'll let you know if it works for me . Thank you.
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    Sweatier reacted to IJR in Hyperhidrosis   
    Hi.  I'm sorry to hear this.  Botox injections are seen as most effective for excessive underarm sweating rather than sweating of the palms.  However, there are options available.  The best it seems is iontophoresis treatment.  This can be very effective for excessive palm (and foot sweating).  There are also medications available (but of course these can often carry side-effects), and topical treatments such as prescription-strength anti-perspirants, for example Odaban.
    There is also surgery, but as someone who's life has been severely damaged by hyperhidrosis surgery I would personally advise staying as far away from this option as possible.
    Good luck.
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    Sweatier reacted to Lethal Injection in So, we've all felt it many times, end of the line   
    Besides a semi-dry mouth and some drowsiness, that's all there is to it. Can't you order it from abroad? Is it possible that the medicine stop being manufactured? This thing is a godsend, hope they don't put its production to a halt. You should try it out pinker!!! I'm considering buying some packets in advance in case it gets discontinued in the marker. I do believe it's an anti-depressant with anti-cholinergic properties. Peace and love brothers and sisters. Here it is again: TRYPTIZOL (AMITRIPTYLINE)--TRY IT. You have nothing to lose.
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    Sweatier reacted to idripswet in So, we've all felt it many times, end of the line   
    I think the best advice would be to talk to more than one doctor about the procedure (and, preferably, at least one that does not do the surgery). It is a tough call.
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    Sweatier reacted to Pinker in So, we've all felt it many times, end of the line   
    If you go through with it then good luck, i'm checking back here to see how you're doing.

    What else can you say really, i've been through most of the things you mention too. When your hands are burning up and clammy, then sometimes ice cold and clammy it is almost unbearable. Even hoovering up on a hot day I sometimes have to stop and put my hands under the cold tap. I still rely on iontophoresis which does its part, but of course nothing is a complete cure for it.

    I really wish these Drs would do more for it, or someone. In the past 10 years they could have come up with something decent. When I think about it i've been using iontophoresis since I was 16, so already i've been biding my time for 5 years. How long's it going to take?
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    Sweatier reacted to angiegirl in So, we've all felt it many times, end of the line   
    Hi Lethal:

    This is such a tough decision, and I wish you the very best of luck with whatever you decide. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

    I had ETS 12 years ago and while it didn't solve all of my problems, I would do it all again if I had to because I had some pretty good results and minimal side effects. Yes, I have dealt with compensatory sweating, mostly just my back and stomach area, but over the years, it has slowly decreased to the point where I barely have it at all anymore, at least not much more than your "average" person. Prior to the surgery, I had major sweating on my hands, feet, and underarms. I would also sweat a lot on my face during hot weather. After the surgery, my hands were completely dry for a number of years. I sweat a lot less on my face and underarms as a result of the surgery as well, results that continue to this day.

    Now, here are some of the drawbacks for me... First, the nerve has regrown since I had ETS, which means my hands were bone dry for the first 5-6 years after the surgery, but slowly started to sweat again. When I contacted the surgeon about this, he calmly explained that the nerve was growing back and that I could have the surgery again if I wanted. This kind of pissed me off. I was never told that this could happen. That being said, when my hands do sweat now, it is FAR less than they did before. It's not much worse than non hh sufferers. Also, my feet sweat WAY more since having ETS, but I've found some ways to deal with it and though I hate it, I can deal with it.

    So overall, my results were pretty positive. At the time, I wasn't aware of all the potential side effects, as they were really downplayed by the doctor. For example, he told me that because I am "skinny" I would not experience compensatory sweating, which is totally false.

    Like I said, if I could go back in time, I would do things exactly the same, but you are very wise to put a lot of thought into it before you do it. I keep hoping someone will come up with a real cure once and for all. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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