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  1. Hey blushingman.. did you already tried out this yet? How about the effect dude? Thanks.
  2. IJR please response.. thank you
  3. Oh sorry to hear that IJR. anyway i didn't have a plan yet about surgery. have you tried to by some ebook on how to cure HH? please give me some tips on how to lessen this.. because ot really sucks.. or do you have any medication? I prefer natural remedies.. thank you ?
  4. Hey.. how's it? Are your sweat is normal now? Is there any side effect? Your response will be much appreciated.. thank you..
  5. Hey IJR. How's your condition right now? I have also a HH.. i'm just trying to ask you if you already find a cure... i will wait for your response thank you
  6. Hello guys.. is there any other updates on how to cure HH? Mine is facial and armpits.. your response will be highly appreciated thanks
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