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    I was looking through your old posts and saw that you found success with using makeup to cover blushing for a while. Any reason why that changed?
  2. I drive for a courier company. I spend 90% of my work day just driving by myself
  3. Welcome to the forum. I feel your pain. Severe blushing forced me to quit my job last year. It was absolute hell living in fear everyday of having a blushing episode in front of my coworkers. I have since found a more solitary job where my blushing is practically a nonissue since I'm not around people very much. However, I know that doesn't solve the problem. I'm just hiding my blushing problem by living a solitary life and I feel like I'm just existing, not living. One thing that may work for you, since you're a female, is makeup. I've read several stories on these forums of people who were able to significantly reduce the visibility of their blushing with certain makeup products. Obviously it's not an option for me, since I'm a guy, but it may be something you want to look into.
  4. I know how you feel. At the beginning of this year I had a blushing episode at my workplace and I was made fun of pretty badly for it. That made my blushing phobia go from bad to worse. I lived in constant anxiety everyday at my workplace after that incident, and I eventually quit. I hate that my blushing problem caused me to quit a job, but I had to do it for my mental sanity. The good news is that I have since found a job that I enjoy much more. Sometimes good things can come out of bad situations I guess...
  5. CodeRed

    My story

    Glad to hear that you are still satisfied with your results! It's interesting how the vast majority of ets testimonials on this forum seem to be positive. But if you go to the tapatalk forums, the majority of testimonials are very negative. Perhaps it's because a lot of people on tapatalk got the surgery a long time ago? Before the surgery was more "perfected"? Bottom line is that statistics don't lie. And this study clearly shows that most blushers are satisfied with the surgery: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3244298/
  6. Yes, makeup and tanning are the only 2 things I’ve really tried recently. I hate wearing makeup, even though it’s fairly effective. Too much of a hassle, too emasculating, and it makes me just as self conscious as blushing does. Tanning (both fake tans and real tans) don’t help cover the blushing for me. I’ve had success with propranolol and Xanax in the past, but I found that they lost effectiveness as I began to use them too much. I’m surprised anti-depressants can be so effective for this blushing issue. I wonder why? Perhaps it increases your mood enough to the point where you just dont care about blushing? Regardless, I will definitely try meds before ETS. Thanks for responding!
  7. CodeRed


    Anybody tried it for facial blushing? I've only been able to find 1 or 2 success stories about it on the internet. Sounds like it's something that has to be done every 3-6 months to combat blushing, if it even works at all that it is. It might be a last ditch attempt for me before I opt for ETS.
  8. I wish you all the best. I'm strongly considering ETS surgery. I could easily see myself going through with it by the end of this year. Any advice you would give to a guy like me? I realize that your results have been less than optimal, but at the same time, I'm sure your overall quality of life was much less than optimal before you went for the surgery the first time. That's why I think ETS is a good idea. If life already really sucks, then one might as well take a risk, because how much worse can things get right?
  9. How much did it decrease your blushing, in terms of a percentage? Like 20% ? Or 40% ? Also, did you have any negative side effects?
  10. I’m very happy that ETS worked out well for you. But we can’t ignore the fact that it doesn’t work out well for everyone. ETS is not always effective at curing blushing and it also comes with a heavy risk of serious, irreversible side effects. I’m not trying to scare you or undermine your success, but you don’t know if your good results will last forever. I have read some stories of people who don’t have negative side effects until years later. And I’ve also read stories of people who were initially cured by ETS, but then the blushing came back down the road. I think ETS is something that chronic blushers should consider if blushing is having a serious negative impact on their life. However, I think it is something that should only be done after every other possible option has been exhausted. Regardless, I am happy for you and I hope your good results continue and thank you for keeping us updated.
  11. True, I very rarely see celebrities blush on tv. I can only think of a few times I’ve noticed it. Has to be because people with an excessive blushing problem would avoid the spotlight at all costs, and also because most of them wear makeup when on tv or in movies (including male celebrities). Somebody on a social anxiety forum said that Madonna had it done, but I couldn’t find any evidence to support that claim. I also read a news article once about a local news reporter who had ETS.
  12. Also, I've said this here before but it's worth saying again. The fact that makeup seems to be so good at hiding blushing makes me wonder why there are so many females with a blushing problem. Couldn't girls easily just hide their blushing with makeup? It makes no sense to me.
  13. I'm a heterosexual male and I to have experimented with makeup to cover my blushing. And I absolutely hate it. I find it to be a huge hassle putting it on everyday, and constantly looking in mirrors to make sure it doesn't need to be touched up. It feels uncomfortable on my face. And as you said, it feels incredibly emasculating. I know you said that you think blushing makes you feel more emasculated than wearing makeup, but I have to respectfully disagree. Now, you say that you tell people that you use a cream to cover a flushing/blushing problem. I must say that is pretty brave of you, and it's good that people are understanding. But I would worry that people will eventually figure out that it's makeup, if they haven't already. And let's be honest, there is a lot of social stigma against a guy using makeup. That's why so many male blushers here don't want to do it. I imagine that a guy who has a more "masculine" social circle (such as a guy who works in construction or something), could be severely harassed and rejected by his peers if they found out he wore makeup. You also say that it's not obvious. But all it takes is one single day where you don't put it on quite right, or you accidentally rub your face and it smudges, in order for someone to notice. Even if it is unnoticeable 99% of the time, if you wear it everyday, it is practically guaranteed that someone is going to notice at some point. Regardless, I am very happy that you have found something that works for you. I'm just trying to have an open discussion and I am open minded to the idea of trying makeup again. It is just my opinion that a straight male using makeup to cover his blushing will often find that it just replaces one problem with another.
  14. Ah I see. Well I hope the reversal goes well for you!
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