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  1. Buster, Doing great thanks. Still the best decision I have ever made. Phs67
  2. Jhlfc, I have messaged you the details. Regards phs67.
  3. TerryKof, I have messaged you the details. Doing great thanks, best decision I ever made. Regards phs67.
  4. Day 371 update FB - Nothing. CS - It's been just over a year since my ETS surgery so I have experienced all of the seasons and hopefully all of the side effects of the surgery. The only side effect is mild/moderate CS in very warm and humid conditions. I have not been abroad since ETS so that would be a more extreme test. One other thing is that in stressful situations I can sweat more on the bottom of my back, the same locations as when I am in hot or humid conditions. I believe that as this happens even when it is not very warm or humid, it is just a bit of anxiety left over from pre ETS and in future may get better as I learn to cope with stress better. If it doesn't then it's not the end of the world as it doesn't happen very often. I do believe the CS in hot and humid conditions is here to stay but I can cope with it no problem. Much easier to cope with a bit of CS now and again than FB 24/7. Overall - Would I go back to pre ETS and take my money back? Not a chance, still delighted with the results. phs67.
  5. RosieFace, Initially after ETS when I would have normally blushed my face tingled a bit, this lasted a few weeks then disappeared. Regards pws67.
  6. Day 298 update FB - Nothing, never really think about it much now. CS - Temperature has been 28+ Degrees C in UK recently so a good time to comment on CS. Found at these hot temperatures and with humidity high I tend to sweat mainly at the bottom of my back. Above the nipple line is nothing as expected so sweat tends to concentrate below. Can sometimes sweat through clothing but only slightly. I guess for some people this would be normal but I didn't used to sweat like this Pre-ETS. This is not a problem for me and if it got any worse a vest under my t-shirt would sort. Even in these extreme temperatures the sweating only happens now and again not constantly, if I go somewhere cooler the sweating stops pretty quickly. When I look around other people also seem hot so it is not just me. Overall - Still delighted with ETS results. phs67.
  7. Day 248 update FB - Nothing much, sometimes in some situations I still feel like I am blushing slightly, but when I check in a mirror my face is normal. Still finding it hard to accept that I am rid of blushing. It is getting easier but I suppose there is always a little bit of fear it might come back after so many years of suffering. Once rid of the physical side of blushing you have to get your head around the psychological side which in my case has taken a bit of time. Much prefer coping with the psychological part, in a way it is a nice reminder now and then that the surgery was a success and worth every penny to me. CS - Wanted to update now that we have had a few hot days here in the UK. Glad to say that CS has not been a problem during hot days and sleeping on hot nights. This was my biggest fear and so far I feel very lucky that it has not caused a problem, in fact I don't think sweating is much different from pre ETS surgery. Hope it lasts! Overall - Still delighted with ETS results. phs67.
  8. CA1234, I had ETS T2/T3 cut 7+ months ago and have dry hands as a result. Strangely I can still sweat a bit on my forehead when eating certain foods. I use a moisturising shampoo and E45 for my hands and this does the trick for me. My dry hands are a bit of a problem when using smart phones etc. but I am still glad I had the operation as so far my side effects are minor. phs67.
  9. Spencer77, . I have sent you my surgery details. phs67
  10. Nina . As far as i am aware the nerves cut after ETS are the ones that regulate your body temperature. This is why CS etc can be a problem. It's a gamble to have the surgery. I had strange sweating shortly after surgery but it settled down after a couple of weeks. I do however feel colder than i used to, especially my feet, but i can live with it. Hope you are luck too. phs67
  11. CA1234, I will message you the details of my surgery and medication I tried. Regards phs67
  12. Justme, I have messaged you the surgery details. phs67.
  13. Nina, . You are just adjusting physically and mentally. I had ETS 6 months ago and also felt a bit strange at first. Your confidence will grow in the coming weeks and you will get used to the new you. Also get used to dry hands and feeling the cold more if you are like me. Good luck. phs67.
  14. redattack, . I had T2/T3 cut the surgeon told me clamps eventually fall off so he only advised cutting. He was honest with side effects etc but long term I suppose its a personal gamble. One I was willing to take after years of suffering. phs67.
  15. Day 159 update FB - Nothing, still can't believe I am rid of blushing. Sometimes I still think I would have normally blushed in certain situations and I still find myself doing a bit of safety behaviour, but I guess it is down to a 30+ year habit. Even though I don't blush anymore I sometimes still can't believe it. CS - Can sweat a bit on my forehead after eating spicy food but it's not much. Overall - Still delighted with ETS results. phs67.
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