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  1. I recently stopped taking beta blockers entirely as I just seemed to be flushing even more I was on 160 mg of propranolol a day. I now seem to flush or blush less without the tablets. Was I getting a rebound effect on propranolol?
  2. Hey Yes I had my appointment not really understood the medical Jargon but they think my nervous system overactive I have to go for this sauna test to see where I sweat from etc then we discuss treatments she also mentioned Botox, at least I have now gone above my GP to a specialist Fingers crossed it helps
  3. It is a living hell I need to reply to Always burning I feel the pain 😞 So glad it worked out for you Rosieface would love to see some before and after pictures. Thanks
  4. So I had my appointment at Queens Neurological department, she thinks my nervous system is running high. I have to go back for tests, including an all-day overnight thing she mentioned I have to have this sauna type test to see where I sweat from and when im red etc.... Anyone had it suggested that their blushing may be because the nervous system is buggered? cheers
  5. every day just been increased to twice a day
  6. I was thinking this the other day, I've taken propranolol for like ten years but now I'm wondering am I flushing more now when I'm not taking it like rebound flushing. Sometimes I wonder would I be better without?
  7. Hey all just been reading a bit about LED light therepy anyone bought one of these units and tried it? if so any success reducing redness?
  8. cheers Mojow hope they get to the bottom of it all but I doubt it I mean like today my head felt like it was on fire yet I wasn't red and the wife said I felt hot. I also get really cold hands and feet, but yet my hands can be clammy and have white blotches on them. I also have psoriasis it's so odd.
  9. So I have had the worse attacks ever as I have mentioned before that my flushing/blushing its got to be my nervous system not running right I mean my head is red from the neck up when im feeling red my whole upper body is hot to the touch its like im running hotter than normal people anyway doctor has referred me to queens in london who deal with Neurology and disorders of the nervous system anyone gone down this route? cheers
  10. Thanks Mojow have you any experience on how CBD oil can help with blushing/flushing?
  11. Hey all I have gotten the WORST red attacks ever this week, as red as a tomato EVERYTIME someone just came up to speak to me its ridiculous I get all hot then can feel the heat and redness creeping up from my neck it was mentioned to me that CBD oil can regulate our overactive nervous system? Thoughts?
  12. Yes be interesting to know if it works for you to
  13. Hey guys I am the one that has tried Pyridostigmine as Sweden recommended I believe I have an overactive nervous system and Pyridostigmine seems to have helped. I was considering ETS really badly, but to scared because of reported side effects so was still on a quest to find another way. Doctors are always just trying ways to treat the symptoms and not the cause. If an overactive nervous system is the cause of my blushing and sweaty hands then I welcome anything that can help regulate it. So yes I took a picture of me today and I looked normal it was great maybe this will work in the long term for me and others. Its worth a shot before going down the ETS route.
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