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  1. I recently received a promising email regarding miraDry for hands.
  2. Information here: http://www.socialphobiaworld.com/i-am-a-study-patient-of-miradry-for-hands-61581/
  3. I have some Robinul forte tablets for sale in the UK. Please see the following listing. I can also sell privately if you do not have an eBay account. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Robinul-Forte-2-mg-Avert-Glycopyrrolate-Hyperhidrosis-/121562839184?
  4. Pinker


  5. "Pause your summer fun for a moment and imagine rubbing-in a lotion (no, not sunscreen!) that can stop excessive sweating for months using the same sort of active ingredients as in Botox, but without any needles. The International Hyperhidrosis Society got an exclusive interview with the CEO of Anterios, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, that’s developing and testing a Botox-like skin lotion. According to Anterios’ CEO, the new lotion could be used to treat excessive armpit sweating, wrinkles, and acne; with months-long results. http://www.sweathelp.org/en/home/sweatsolutions-newsletter/170-latest-newsletters/319-new-lotion-is-like-botox-but-without-needles.html
  6. I got an email from the international hyperhidrosis society about clinical trials for miramar labs. It's a similar technology to miradry which works on the underarms, but this is for the hands and feet. I would love to try this but the trials are in California (I'm in England). Would anyone here want to give it a go? If you are at least 18 years of age, you may qualify for a research study in your area using an investigational medical device. The device will be treating small areas of your hands and feet, to see if it will reduce the amount of sweat. If you qualify, there is no cost for treatment, you will be compensated for your time, and parking is free. Interested to see if you qualify? Email today clinicalstudy@miramarlabs.com or call between 8am and 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) 408-981-8754.
  7. I've had palmer / plantar hyperhidrosis all my life, and I think I've always had Raynaud's too. My hands often flush red and are cold. I've noticed lately that my nails have become brittle, and have longitudinal ridges (these are all symptoms explained on wikipedia). The worst thing is I'm 24 (25 soon) and my hands sometimes look like that of an old persons...
  8. Pinker

    Compensatory sweating

    Hi IJR, how have you been? I live in the North West (Manchester), if there's anything going on up here I'd be interested in coming along.
  9. Hey! It's nice to hear from you too. Are you from the UK by any chance? It's a long time since I've been on here. I use the Idrostar so my method is very basic. I did around 10 initial treatments, and I always aim to go above 10mA. Treatment time is 1 hour in total. I try to do a maintenance once or twice a week. My routine sometimes gets messed up because I get eczema on my fingers, so I have to tone down the current to reduce the pain, but this makes treatment less effective. In essence I'd say use the strongest current you can tolerate, but don't do the treatment for too long. It's been a long time since I've researched the machines, but I remember the Idromed is the best one. Does the GS version reduce irritation?
  10. Pinker

    Compensatory sweating

    Sorry to hear that IJR. I live in the uk too. Where abouts are you from? I wish there was a better way to keep in contact with fellow sufferers.
  11. Pinker


    I can't say for sure that I have rosacea (my gp many years ago said I have mild rosacea). He gave me metrogel at the time which did nothing for the redness on my face. When I was in high school I had a very bad breakout on my face that looked like eczema / rosacea. Ever since then my cheeks and nose have had a red colour. Anyway, on the advice of someone I tried niacin tablets which bring blood to the skins surface and produce a flushing effect. Since using it patches of my cheeks are not red any more, it's been a couple of months since I used it and they are still normal colour. I might buy another bottle and see if it works any further. I ordered it from holland & barrett for 2 to 3 pounds. Hope this is of use to someone.
  12. It's a long time since i've been on HH forums, how is everyone doing? I continue to use iontophoresis each week and i'm currently typing this message with dry hands *touch wood*. It has it's ups and downs sometimes but I think I finally have a method that works. I understand how devastating hyperhidrosis can be and at 24 i'm still trying to rebuild my life and regain confidence. Hope everyone is well
  13. I notice my machine costs 402 pounds now, back then it was 180 pounds.
  14. It's a long time since I got my machine (2005), but at the time the NHS paid for some of the cost of my idrostar.
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