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  1. I don't recall which T-nerves, but they were cauterized. Stanford surgeons do not believe in the clamping method.
  2. Hi, Marcus Yes, I'm one of those individuals who for years have gone online to read about people's experiences and have disappeared from the forums after a successful ETS surgery. I had sweaty palms, feet and underarms and I just wanted to forget that miserable part of my life. I've had mine done in 2013 and I have never been back on the forums until now because I really wanted to let people know that I have been cured. After 40 years, I no longer have sweaty feet, palms and underarms. Naturally, everyone goes through compensatory sweating after surgery. I truly believe that the majority of people who have gone through the procedure have had minor and acceptable levels of CS after surgery and have chosen to move forward with their new lives. The compensatory sweating (CS) for me is very tolerable compared to what other people are experiencing from other parts of the world. I have CS around the abdomen which usually occurs when I'm exercising or when I get too warm I'm in bed - VERY TOLERABLE! (Nothing compares to sweaty palms and feet!). My advice to you is to choose your hospital and surgeon well. Just because a surgeon has presented themselves online as a "pioneer" or best surgeon simply because they only perform ETS or have performed thousands of the ETS surgeries, etc does not make them more knowledgeable and effective. For me, choosing a top notch hospital is important because they typically employ the brightest surgeons that work together as a team. I went to Stanford Hospital, California, because it's close in proximity and most importantly they are very thorough in their work and have been consistently ranked amount top 5 in the US, if not the world. I believe the truly best surgeons are those who work with very complex procedures in all types of conditions (ie, cancer, neurologic, etc..) not just ETS. I don't know anyone dying from ETS surgery. Any procedure that requires general anesthesia is not without risk. It's important to note that ETS surgery involves collapsing the lungs. I don't know how any other hospitals work, but Stanford considers this as a very minor out-patient surgery and I was able to go home a couple hours after the procedure. Honestly, it's the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. I'm a new person and I've never been more confident. Hope that helps. Good luck in your search!
  3. Go to Stanford Hospital or specifically, Thoracic Surgery Clinic in Palo Alto. They cured my palms, armpits and feet in one single ETS surgery in 2013. They have brilliant surgeons that will cure your FB too! It is a minor outpatient surgery so I was able to go home within a couple hours after surgery. The scars are barely visible (only 2 small incisions under each armpit the size of baby peas) because they use "needlescopic surgery" or VATS (see link below). I've had no long term side effects and it's been 4 years since the surgery. I only experienced minor compensatory sweating around my belly and legs during sleeping hours but that only lasted 3-4 months after surgery which I didn't find it bothersome. Now, I only sweat when I exercise or eat spicy foods like a normal person. I've talked to a handful of surgeons all over CA and Stanford surgeons are hands down the very best with very high success rate. I'm a 50 year-old male and have been to MANY hospitals and medical groups in my lifetime for numerous medical conditions. Now, I go to Stanford Hospitals and Clinics for everything just because I find the doctors more knowledgeable, very thorough, they do exceptional work and have very good bedside manners, not to mention, Stanford hospitals and clinics are consistently ranked among top 5 in the US year after year. Good luck! Clinic Info (click on Hyperhidrosis): https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-clinics/thoracic-surgery-clinic/conditions-treated.html VATS Info: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-treatments/v/vats/vats-types/vats-sympathectomy.html
  4. I'm a 50 year-old male from the Bay Area, California. In 2013, after decades of hell, I finally made that final leap towards freedom from sweaty palms, armpits and feet! It took me about 2 years to search for the best and qualified surgeon and I'm glad I did. I have no regrets whatsoever! My confidence is sky-high and opportunities have opened up for me in so many levels since the surgery. The feeling of never again being self-conscious about meeting people and shaking their hands is INCREDIBLE. In the beginning, I have read so many horror stories about people having major long-term side effects after their ETS surgery that for awhile I became a bit discouraged from ever pursuing it. Also, the thought of undergoing a separate surgery through the lumbar to cure feet sweating is just too much for anyone to go through it seems. Then I came across Stanford Hospitals and Clinics. They were able to cure my palms, armpits, and feet sweating from ONE single ETS surgery! NO ELS and No lumbar nerve was even touched. I'm a living proof that Stanford surgeons have cured all my sweaty problems in one single minor ETS surgery without going into the lumbar region or touching any of the lumbar "L" nerves for the feet. They're THAT smart! It was all done at the chest level which sets them apart from others that operate through the lumbar (lower back) region to cure sweaty feet. It was an outpatient procedure so I was able to go home within a couple hours after surgery. It's important to note that the surgeons at Stanford will cut the nerves because they do not believe in clamping them and do not recommend it to anyone who goes through ETS. I did experience minor compensatory sweating around my abdomen and legs during sleeping hours but that only lasted 3-4 months after the surgery and I wasn't really bothered by it. Other than that, I've had no problems whatsoever and now I sweat like any normal person that exercises or eats spicy foods. I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY my sweaty palms, armpits, and soaking, smelly feet days are over! The surgeons at Thoracic Surgery Clinic specialize in minimally invasive procedures so the scars are barely noticeable (2 scars the size of baby peas underneath each armpit). They use a technique called VATS Sympathectomy (Needlescopic surgery) not used by any other hospitals or surgeons. It's a no-brainer! Stanford Hospitals and Clinics was the right one for me. These guys are the only medical group that can cure my problems with palms, armpits, and feet sweating in one single surgery. I'm sure they can fix whatever sweat problems you got going. To them it's a piece-of-cake, to others it's impossible. No other surgeon outside Stanford can do it. I hope this helps someone interested in a no-nonsense, sure-thing cure (in my opinion). I've already done years of research and consults with many surgeons before I made the decision to go to Stanford Hospitals..it's the BEST choice I've ever made in my life!!!!! THE FREEDOM FROM SWEATY PALMS, ARMPITS AND FEET IS UNBELIEVABLE! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Links to Stanford Clinics info: Clinic (click on Hyperhidrosis in website): https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-clinics/thoracic-surgery-clinic/conditions-treated.html VATS Info: https://stanfordhealthcare.org/medical-treatments/v/vats/vats-types/vats-sympathectomy.html
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