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  1. Thanks for the reply Scarface, Yes, I am interested in having my ETS surgery with Dr. Nielson. It seems to me that he has a substantial amount of ETS surgeries under his name, = more experience? Hence, maybe why he found a new "technique" for the surgery? Or maybe that is just a sale's pitch? I can't be for sure. What I could say, is that I have stumbled across many good reviews, and some of which were a little demoralizing. Just with a simple "Dr. David H Nielson reviews", I was able to find many shady things about his practices... I feel awful that your first experience wasn't the best, we sufferers know how much it means to find a "cure" is, we all want this nuisance to be solved and possibly, even cured! All I know is that in my current situation I would trade-off CS, for the ability to be blush-free! I hate the feeling of being anxious because of my genetics to reddened quicker than most (The average.) Sounds to me he is very experienced and is taking a safer route in the procedure (Knowing what has had good success in the past.) hope everything goes well for you, I really do. We all do. Keep us updated!!!
  2. Goodluck Scarface, I have been reading this and other articles about FB articles for the past months. I am on the fence about all of this. I hate FB and will trade it off for CS (Just don't know how severe it will be for me, etc.) reason I'm on the fence... I'm not sure, but I re-call you wanting to do surgery with Dr. Nielson? What changed your mind? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi, everyone How's post-ETS treating everyone who has tried it? I'm highly considering going through with the surgery at age 22. I'm not sure how to start but here it goes; I'm an athletic guy 6'0, have been told I'm handsome by both genders quite often, but I suffer from bad FB. It's really taking a big toll in my life. I try to avoid ANY situations that would make me blush/panic, which is really a hard task to do. I work as management in sales, but I feel FB is preventing me to move up the corporate ladder so to speak. Anyways, I feel like living a blush-free life with the side effects of CS, would be paradise compared to how I feel some of these days... I really do believe I was born like this, maybe inherited. But I also believe my FB is 70% physical and 30% mental. Unfortunately, my younger sibling also has my curse and has recently told me about his problems with FB. I'll be the guinea pig for him.
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